Trader Joe's Pumpkin Service Announcement

For those who haven’t seen the pumpkinundation Frequent Flyer, here are the 2021 offerings:
pumpkin blondie brownies
pumpkin spice coffee
pumpkin spice coffee cups
pumpkin cheesecake
pumpkin empanadas
pumpkin ice cream
pumpkin samosas
autumnal harvest soup
autumnal harvest pasta sauce
pimpkin alfredo sauce
pumpkin bisque
pumpkin bread and muffin mix (also in GF)
pumpkin spread
pumpkin cultured cashew yogurt
pumpkin butternut bisque
pumpkin nonfat greek yogurt
pumpkin ravioli
pumpkin spice hummus
pumpkin cranberry crisps
pumpkin spice batons
pumpkin spice coated espresso beans
pumpkin spiced teeny tiny pretzels
pumpkin maple bacon dog treats

Can pumpkinickel bread be far behind?

Wannabe: butternut squash mac&cheese.


I think the profusion of pumpkin products at this time of the year is pretty hilarious. It makes me smile, even though for the most part I don’t partake (I do like a pumpkin beer once in a while). And I think we can all use more smiling and laughing.


A giant pumpkin exploded. Inside it was a cinnamon bomb.

Never thought I’d say “thank god I have a mask on.”

I sympathize with the staff who has to live inside the pumpkin-cinnamon crime scene.


Do you look at that list and think - some of these are not regular products and I wish they had a normal version the rest of the year?


Also. pretty sure that is not even a complete list (i noticed a bottled pumpkin curry that I thought would save me some trouble making dhansak - then it struck me that it’s probably overloaded with cinnamon and put it back).

You’re right! They left the pumpkin curry sauce out of the flyer. As it happens, that’s the one thing I DID buy, but haven’t tried yet. I figured I’d add applesauce to make it a soup.

And I see that while skimming the flyer, I missed one I’d sooner vomit than try: Non-Dairy Pumpkin Oat Beverage.

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Dontcha mean :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:?


Digga for the win! :raised_hands:

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even with a mask, it was overwhelming. thankfully for the employess at my tjs, the cinnamon brooms were relegated to the entrance way, and not in the store proper.

Someone gave me one of those brooms one year, I could not get it out of my house fast enough! We put it outside and it kept the squirrels off the pumpkins.


Too bad the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival was cancelled for the 2nd year.

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Pumpkin ravioli really should just be available year round. If butternut squash can be year-round, why not pumpkin. I haven’t tried the TJ varieties, but Costco once had a pumpkin pasta sauce that was amazing. It was seasonal, and I have yet to see it since (been a good 5 yrs). If the TJ autumn harvest pasta sauce is anything like that, I’m in.

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and seems like the regular chicken and veggie samosas are not available (at least in the store on Masonic in SF), during pumpkin samosa season. I was a bit disappointed to see them not there on the shelf, and did not want to try the pumpkin samosas :frowning:

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People used to think I was a real weirdo for loving pumpkin ice cream, and now look at the profusion.

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Pumpkin ice cream is delicious! I haven’t tried TJ version, but I’ve had locally Pumpkin and Oreo cookie ice cream Yum! The other thing that is missing from this list? Pumpkin whoopie pies.


The seasonal Stop&Shop/Peapod pumpkin ice cream is excellent. I know that I found TJ’s pumpkin cheesecake to be rather chalky but can’t recall if I’ve ever had the ice cream. The long-defunct Betty Crocker Pie Shop chain had a pumpkin chiffon pie that was celestially good. As is Hood’s seasonal pumpkin eggnog.

Cinnamon should be a criminal offense snd.cloves indicted for.abetting.


Tell it!

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