Trader Joe's Petroleum & Fungicide Fruit Coating?

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What’s up with this?

This seed fungicide is known to induce immunotoxicity, and they’re putting it (and petroleum) on peaches?

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This is a ‘nay,’ I take it?

I guess. How to make petroleum wax and immunotoxic coatings into even a 'Meh"?

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I’ve bought many boxes of those sometimes delicious peaches over the years and don’t recall washing them.

According to environmental working group fludioxonil contains PFAS-related chemicals

I was just going to nay the California peaches I bought a TJ’s. They are hard but rotting at the same time. I wonder if this could be the reason why?

It’s too late to edit my post. I don’t know why I thought they were California peaches. Being on the West coast and knowing it is too early for WA peaches I made an assumption but really it is too early for CA ones too. Mine are the same box as kaleokahu.

I was in purchasing with Whole Foods Market for 7 years. We had quality standards that were strict in some areas and wildly weak in others. So our quality stands were clearly greenwashing. I do believe that since they have made their standards more meaningful, they are improved. But I do not shop and Whole Amazon so I have no insight.

I think TJs standards are greenwashing. When it is convenient for them to tout specific standards, they do. But they do not have real meaningful standards. I cannot comment on the anti-fungal, but the petroleum product should not be on any peach I am going to eat. My local TJs have lots of stone fruit and I have never seen these chemicals on any offered, but I will recheck tomorrow when I go there.