Trader Joe's coming to Brick, NJ

Per the Ocean Star

BRICK TOWNSHIP — After months of speculation, the township approved a zoning permit for Trader Joe’s on Tuesday, paving the way for the grocery store to open a new location in Brick Plaza, becoming only the 13th store location in the state and the first in Ocean County.

Mayor John Ducey said he has been working on getting Trader Joe’s to come to Brick since he was first elected six years ago. The new store will take over the vacant space formerly occupied by the Ethan Allen furniture store near Cedar Bridge Road/Rt. 70.

With the closure of the Foodtown on Route 70 years ago and the more recent closure of the PathMark on Route 88, the town has been left without a major food store for some time.

“I’ve been trying to get Trader Joe’s to come my entire six years of being mayor, so to finally see it come to completion by them applying for a zoning permit, it’s a very exciting day here in Brick,” Mayor Ducey told The Ocean Star.

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Evidently the mayor was in an elementary school and let it slip a couple of weeks ago. Having TJs so close could be trouble. It was still rumored until Wednesday when my source said it was confirmed.

I have to say the mayor seems a bit melodramatic when he says there are no major grocery stores in Brick when Shoprite is literally across the street from Brick Plaza.

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A mayor that exaggerates? Imagine that.

Melodramatic is the perfect way to put it!

And let’s not forget about Costco, which is really a glorified supermarket!

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Exaggerating is not only not surprising but probably expected but the context - at an elementary school to teach kids about city planning - seems a bit too much.


Captive shopping audience was too good to pass up!