Trader Joe's being hammered by recalls?

Disclaimer: I’m a Trader Joe’s shopper (and fervent fan).

I’m sure many of the correspondents here on HO are aware of the recalls issued by the company thus far in 2016…

What is your personal take on these “problems”?

The spate of recalls this month is from a single vegetable supplier, mostly frozen vegetables. I subscribe to an FDA recall/warning list, and dozens of retail products were recalled, not just from TJs. In fact, I don’t think I got an alert for TJ products.

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Like their blog post says, they err on the side of caution. I don’t fault them for that. I’d rather them issue 10 voluntary recalls and be cautious as opposed to someone getting sick because of a a contaminated ingredient. TJs relies on it’s suppliers to provide the ingredients they use. The products aren’t being contaminated due to negligence or irresponsibility on TJ’s part – there are possible issues on the suppliers’ side.

Most of the recalls don’t bother nor affect me anyways, like undisclosed egg in a dressing, or forgetting to print a peanut product warning on a label.


Yes. Many, many grocery stores were effected.

And remember that listeria, which can be fatal to fetuses, isn’t usually bad for healthy adults.

The “err on the side of caution” is complete BS and is completely within the “Emperor’s New Clothes” business model of TJ. What were they going to say, “Oh crap we have another recall issue…oops.”

The locations I have been to have been a bunch of frozen food with very little fresh anything.

I am glad they stepped up and acted like an adult but the glitter will fall off this chain soon enough. Can you say Chipotle Grill?

Wow, that’s too bad, j. Maybe cause we’re on the Left Coast that’s definitely not the case. The fresh fruit and vegetables alone take up as much space as the froze. Not to mention everything else. Boo hoo.

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If you want to avoid high fructose this is the place to shop


jfood, I’m at a loss as to why you are predicting the downfall of TJs with such certainty. Is there something beside a few recalls that makes you come to that conclusion? Every one of their stores here in OC is busy almost any time of day.

Not sure where you live, but in my So. CA locations, there’s plenty of fresh and non frozen items. We only have one aisle of frozen items - the rest of the aisles are produce (lots of it) and chilled prepared foods, deli/cheese, pastas, vitamins, pet food, juices, etc.

I don’t understand the comparison to Chipotle either. Chipotle itself had an major issue, where people actually got sick. The majority of TJs recalls are due to its products/ingredients supplied by suppliers or because of labeling issues.

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Glitter? :joy:


Same as the locations in Massachusetts. Mostly produce, chilled prepared foods or meats, dry goods, juices, Scooby snacks, etc.

And great prices on cheese, butter, refrigerated Hollandaise that’ll do in a shot, great selection of olive oils… and all the candy any adult could ask for :smiley:

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This is not for everyone…
I can’t help myself…I love TJ’s and I love Gayle


That burrata you turned me onto is a real keeper.

jfood, We live on the east coast, north of Boston MA. Our closest TJ’s has Local fresh produce during our growing season, and we appreciate that as you can imagine.

During the rest of the year we are able to buy quite good fresh produce from further away but have never had a problem with any of it.

Now, having said that we recently had to toss a package of pineapple spears after 3 days. This was an unusual occurrence. We must be very lucky here.

I didn’t know that jfood lived in Antartica. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:


It doesn’t have produce the rest of the year or just not local? Here in NorCal there is little anywhere that is local in winter.

Ummm, the rest of Gio’s post noted:

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I understand. But to me “further away” frequently means Latin America. Or maybe Florida for some things.

Sorry for the delayed response…late flight and meetings all day.

I am in CT. After my visits I reached out to TJ and spoke with a regional manager to ask if the store I visited was a real store or a lite store. He told me it was a regular.

Thanks for the info on the west coast. I could NEVER understand why people raved about this retail freezer.

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