Trader Joe's/Bargain Wine Finds

(Angela T Carlson) #1

Back after a long hiatus, thought I’d share something I brought home from work today.
Full disclosure: I’ve been working for TJ’s for over 12 years and have being involved in wine for at least 6 years. My husband works for Grocery Outlet’ s Corporate office and I love finding awesome deals during their Wine Sale. If posting tasting notes about wines we try in & outside of work isn’t cool, please let me know. BTW, my note taking is a little rusty. I apologize in advance.

2014 St. Somewhere Pinot Noir: $6.99: 99.85 % CA, .015% OR. 13.8% ABV. I believe it’s an exclusive deal.

Red fruits & baking spice (cinnamon?) on the nose. Smooth, well balanced, medium bodied. Red fruits & spice on the palate with a dash of acid & oak on the finish. Fruit forward without being fruity if that makes any sense.

(Junior) #2

My local TJ’s does not carry liquor, I wish it did because maybe then I could learn to appreciate the store more.

(Angela T Carlson) #3

Hi NotJvedivici,

Sorry you live in a place with restrictive alcohol laws. Do you get a chance to travel at all? If so, maybe check out a TJ’s with in store alcohol and see what the difference is. I have customers from places back East, like Pennsylvania, who are like kids in a candy store.

(Junior) #4

I live in NJ and I’m not sure the laws are what restricts TJ’s, for what I’ve heard I just live near a small store in general. As I said I’m not really a big fan of the brand from my very limited experience so I wouldn’t be motivated to travel to one. Hopefully a larger one will open in a reasonable vicinity to me and I will be “wow’d”.

(Angela T Carlson) #5

Ah yes, the small store situation doesn’t show us at our best. I also hope a larger store opens relatively close by so you can give us another shot. In NJ, it could be access to an alcohol permit, as is the case in MA.

(Junior) #6

Since you have an intimate knowledge of the company, this is my local TJ’s.


Thanks for starting this topic. As I posted elsewhere, my current daily sips are Chariot, which seems to be a California central coast blend made in Hopland, and Porta 6, a Portuguese red wine probably made from douro grapes. The Chariot has a vintage year, currently 2014, and it’s round and smooth, less hearty than most central coast wines. The Porta 6 is fruity and light–not what you’d expect from the grapes that go into Port. I also like Josephina rose, also apparently from the central coast.