trader joe's assembly square somerville...

not sure if this whould go here or under chains. but, the opening day for the assembly square tj’s is saturday, 4 august @ 8am.

I was at Assembly Row today, and I have to say it is hell on earth as far as parking is concerned. I went over on the early side (10a) to take one of my children to Legoland. we parked at a meter on the Assembly Row side as there was one open right in front. The non metered spots in the Assembly Square (Trader Joes, etc.) lot were already mostly taken. By the time we left around noon people were circling every row in that lot as it was Black Friday. With all the people going to Assembly Row vying for the spots in the Assembly Square parking lot, it can’t be great for those stores.

On the food front we ate at Burger Dive, which lives up to it’s name. Dirty sticky tables and food that doesn’t rise to the level of being worth putting up with that.

another reason i’m glad not to have a car. a couple of busses head back to sullivan square, where i can transfer. of course, that limits how much i can buy. but, i live alone so that’s generally not an issue.

i usually go to the tiny one in arlington heights (my hairdresser’s down the street). but it will be nice to have a big one (with beer and wine:) close by.

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yeah, we live nearby and we drive (3 minutes) because I am handicapped and the bus service is terrible. The buses that run from Sullivan to Assembly should be more frequent. I can’t walk to Sullivan, go one stop to Assembly, then walk a while with grocery bags.The parking is horrible even before TJs opens. I can’t even imagine what it will be like once they open. Some garages are open to non employees after 5 pm but they seem to be installing machines to pay parking fees. The Partners building has increased traffic in my nearby neighborhood to horrendous levels, again, before TJs opens. Maybe they could consider a shuttle from Sullivan to Assembly that would make frequent stops and be much more convenient than the T bus. Cambridge side Galleria used to have a free shuttle from Kendall.

I’ve never had a problem parking there. We usually go weekdays and there’s plenty of parking near the new TJs. There also seems to be plenty in the free garage near the theater. We’ve been a few times weekends in the 5pm time range and also not had trouble. If you want a metered spot right in front of Legoland that’s a different story but as far as the lots or the garage, my experience has been different from others’ for whatever reason.

That is the garage with the new pay stations being installed.

The parking in the evenings throughout the entire complex has gotten more and more difficult. Another place that I have to determine the optimal time to head over there for the few shops that I frequent.

Yep, that’s true. It was a lot easier just a few months ago to park, especially in the garage near the movie theater, and that is where they are installing the pay for parking.

It’s changing very rapidly. We were just there this afternoon, for a different reason, and the parking near the Christmas Tree Shop was quite difficult. It’s Sunday afternoon in July. Lots of people away for vacation.

i meant friday, 4 august:) i generally avoid opening days, but i was out and about yesterday so i took a shot. not mobbed, but the place is MASSIVE. the aisles are so wide it going to take a lot of people for it to feel crowded. now, the parking lot, on the other hand…

the assembly square stop on the orange line is quite a shelp. too far to walk with a heavish bag. so for the return trip, i’d advise catching the 90 or 92 bus; the stop is much closer and it’s five minute to sullivan station.

We went to the Assembly Trader Joe’s yesterday, Friday afternoon around 5 pm, first day they were open. Not hard to find parking in the lot in front of the store.

We were in a hurry so didn’t linger long, but were pleasantly surprised by how spacious it is and greater variety, compared to the Cambridge location. Double wide aisles, so to speak. Much less stressful experience than Cambridge, but that could be because it was the first day and many potential shoppers don’t know it’s there yet. And it’s summer. Except there were three pre teen boys busily bouncing tennis balls up to the ceiling. Chasing each other to catch them.

Checkers were quick and helpful. Beer and wine. All registers open and short check out lines.

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