trader joe’s: yay/nay/meh 2022

The cucumber body butter is also likely a thing of the past. I saw it return a year or so after I originally bought some a few years back and snapped up a supply, but that was a while ago now.

The other thing I miss that recurred once or twice seasonally and then was gone (as far as I can tell) is the ginger ultra-moisturizing hand cream, which had a great fresh ginger scent that didn’t linger unpleasantly.

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I still have some of a tube of the ginger moisturizing cream I bought pre-pandemic. It smells a lot like cola to me–not a bad thing.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been mixing date syrup (homemade – I had way too many dates) with lime zest and lime juice to toss with roasted cauliflower. Tahini is drizzled on top along with a smattering a chopped pistachios, and then it’s all mixed together as I eat. Some days I chop up a little fresh mint too.


NAY to the truffle aioli.

Also NAY to the organic mayo. There’s some aftertaste I just don’t like.


Some years ago, I tried the organic mayo. I don’t return items if it’s just that I don’t care for the flavor, but did return the mayo, which was quite rancid. Never bought it again. Wish TJ’s had a Kewpie knock-off in a jar, because getting everything out of the tube is messy and frustrating.

Have you tried their non-organic mayo? The jar is too big for me to use up, which is why I skipped it.

No, I haven’t tried the regular mayo.

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