trader joe’s: yay/nay/meh 2022

potato leek soup? (heavy on the leeks)

The Washington Post’s Voraciously newsletter (which helped get me through the early days of the pandemic) just did a latke recipe using thawed frozen shredded potatoes (and caramelized onions). Haven’t tried it yet but it looks good.


Even easier (especially considering what this discussion is about) are the frozen latkes that TJ’s already makes. They are a definite “yay”.

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That’s where this conversation started…scroll up :slight_smile:

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I finally figured out how to use the :link: thingie.



I had a couple with an omelet last Sunday. They were pretty good.


We did a latke face off with TJ’s vs Golden brand. Well…. It was supposed to be a face off but someone beat me to the oven and mixed them all up. Result: we couldn’t tell the difference at all. I’m guessing that Golden likely makes them for TJs. Size, texture, cook were indistinguishable. Except…… the Goldens were $2 more per box.


Can you explain the thingie to me please?

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The latkes were very tasty with sour cream and roe!


Yum! We had other Trader Joe’s stuff but I intended to make latkes and creme fraiche and smoked salmon.

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I forgot the chives!

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yay for the cheese and green chile tamales! we steamed them for ten minutes, added a little sour cream and sriracha, really good, my wife is pretty sure we’ve been served them in a restaurant :joy:


Peppermint Hot Chocolate was surprisingly good.

And this coming from someone who does not enjoy peppermint.

I think what makes it nice is that the chocolate is more bittersweet than milk chocolate-y sweet, which really helps play off the “coolness” of the peppermint.

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Were they spicy?

no, not at all

I was so tempted today after reading your feedback, but it’s a bit $$! $7.99?

Has anyone tried the “cannoli cream?” I’m considering making a dessert with that + almond butter, but already have another brand of the former in mind.


Agreed. It is pricey but I’ll be rationalizing it by pricing it at $1 per mug. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Updated for 2023.


Elote seasoned corn dippers. I don’t know if these are a returning item or if they’ve been around all along, but they surprised me. I searched and found a 2022 reference here, so they’re not new, but I bought a bag thinking they were the plain corn dippers……… until I opened the bag, started using them, and wondered why the TJs Spinach Dip was so spicy. Not sure if I’d buy them again, as I’m not a spicy fan. I just have to be more careful as the bags are so similar. I guess this is a neutral review. If you like spicy I’d think you’d like them.