trader joe’s: yay/nay/meh 2022

I wonder if the Brandy Beans you say TJ’s discontinued are the same as these? German Brandy Beans | German Liqueur Filled Chocolate Gift Box (


The TJ’s brandy beans were kidney bean shaped, not individually wrapped (they came in a box with each in its slot in a plastic tray), and I doubt very much that they contained that much brandy.

I am sure there is an epic foodie-tale there! Do share please!

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There is an Aldi literally diagonally across from the TJ, but I have not yet visited it. :woman_shrugging:t4:
Must do that one day, but too late for Advent Calendars now.

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The above thread recently came to mind. When I reread it, I was distressed at how many of my experiments I had totally forgotten. Memory jogged, I recall that my thick latke batter of a 1:1 ratio of shredded to finely grated russet potato, plus egg, the starch drained from the spuds, and a bit of Wondra flour plus S&P and onion powder made outstanding, crispy-edged latkes via the wafflemaker.


I’m sure they are similar. I found the identical box one trip to Montreal at, of all places, Dollarama.

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I haven’t been either Rasam.

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YAY for cranberry pistachio mini biscotti. I don’t know whether or not they are new, but the terrific new maple-walnut ones ran out in the fall. They were better than the cran/pist ones but the latter are good, too.

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I hustled over to TJs this weekend and snagged two tins of Jingle Jangle, a Chocolate Passport, and various holiday truffles.

Anyone try the Vidal Icewine? Aldi also has one at the same price of $14.99 that people are talking about.

YAY to the dill pickle mustard, which tastes like a combination of mustard and relish.

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Nah, just gastric distress the next morning :joy:

Oh alas, too bad! I can only stand the taste of these crispy chilli sesame in small amounts like a sprinkle atop something more substantial. I won’t buy another bag.

YEA for the dark chocolate bars with crushed peppermint.

The frozen tamales are out of stock, which seems counter-seasonal. They’ve got the refrigerated CedarLane ones (but I didn’t like CedarLane’s frozen sweet corn ones that replaced the previous version, so I’m not holding my breath).

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My TJs (San Diego) just got the frozen tamales back last week after being out for over a month. Fingers crossed for ya!

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Yes, thats the one. Maybe our mistake was not having it on thin ginger or lemon snap type cookies…

Was just there a few minutes ago & they had full size ones. I didnt buy bcuz we are old fashioned & dont want chocolate chips or chocolate cream filling in a panettone!

That’s good to hear.

I tried the CedarLane chicken ones from the refrigerated section, and vastly prefer the frozen ones.

(They switched the frozen sweet corn to CedarLane which were just a massive downgrade, but I haven’t seen them lately either, so I’m hoping they figured out customers preferred the other ones and bring them back. Hoping.)

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The ones they normally have do not have chocolate, although last year they did have a special variety with chocolate. I got one of each and apparently both were good. This year back to just having the regular, non chocolate.

The red box is regular (full size and mini), the gift-wrapped ones are chocolate cream filled I believe.

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