Trabocco (Alameda)

Trabocco in Alameda, CA – update, lunch
Review Date: July 2021

Polipo e Patate: We really like how Trabocco handles octopus. Simple and delicious.

Bietole E Crescione: We love hydroponic baby watercress. Trabocco is one of the few restaurants that offers it as one of its regular menu salads.

Spaghetti Del Trabocco: Spouse always requests the substitution of gnocchi. He finds using pasta, the sauce is on the salty side, and says the gnocchi works better to balance the sodium. Chef Naccarelli has always managed to accommodate him, and we’re grateful.

Salmone Alla Griglia : I forgot to ask for the salmon medium-rare, but it was acceptable. Polenta was exceptionally tasty this time, enriched with a dollop of mascarpone and a good amount of Grana Padano for that salty umami edge.

Zabaglione. Made with marsala as is traditional, this soft foamy egg custard is poured over mixed berries and served in a large wineglass. It has a pouf of lightly sweetened whipped cream on top, although it doesn’t need it. The berries are always ripe and sweet, no matter what time of year. Although this isn’t the traditional recipe, it’s a good variant that retains the spirit of the original, and is the best way to end a meal here. It’s by far the best dessert Trabocco offers, especially as it’s unique to them in the EBay. I don’t believe any other Italian restaurant carries it on the menu as a regular item.

Two people, lunch: two starters, two entrées, one dessert, one beverage. Without tip, $130.