Toxic Chemical Glyphosate (Roundup) found in 100% of wine tested..................

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As if I needed another reason to drink vodka…

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From those wonderful folks that also brought the world Agent Orange…



LOL! Let’s go kimchi or be doomed!

A note on lactic acid fermentation, it includes not only kimchi, but pickles, sauerkraut, sour beer and yogurt.

Thanks for the article NJ!

How to Avoid Glyphosate in Your Food

Your best bet for minimizing health risks from herbicide and pesticide exposure is to avoid them in the first place by eating organic as much as possible and investing in a good water filtration system for your home or apartment. If you know you have been exposed to herbicides and pesticides, the lactic acid bacteria formed during the fermentation of kimchi may help your body break them down.

So including fermented foods like kimchi in your diet may also be a wise strategy to help detox the pesticides that do enter your body. One of the benefits of eating organic is that the foods will be free of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients, and this is key to avoiding exposure to toxic glyphosate. Following are some great resources to obtain wholesome organic food.

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First published in 1962. :sob:

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I’m a dead man walking.



Dr. Mercola is a quack. He has had numerous charges brought against him for false and illegal claims, including by the Federal Trade Commison, the FDA, etc. That article is full of slanted claims, false information, and information reported in an inaccurate way. He is the trump of alternative medicine. Even federal agencies for alternative medicine denounce him. Anyone who believes a single thing he says/writes is an ignorant fool.



I am no fan of roundup for various reasons but I too would be skeptical of any information coming from Dr. Mercola.


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There are 16 research attributions credited in the article; including the National Institute of Health.



According to you, which claims are false in the article? And what would be the right information?



Folks, maybe do your own research?



Let me state at the beginning that I am against the massive use of pesticides (including Glyophosate) and fully support organic farming etc and believe that there is a significant problem of cross-contamination from pestidices but at the same time it is even more important that we don’t give the “other side” ammunition by using very questionable sources. There is a reason why in science publications people use a peer-review system to ensure quality research. The original source of the linked article is neither peer-reviewed nor scientific sound based on their data collection. They even write “ glyphosate tests on the 10 wines were not a scientific study.” Overall the link is unfortunately just click bait with little scientific backinh for a significant and important issue