Town Hall in San Francisco

We finally returned to Town Hall; one of our favorites. We were all thoroughly carded before we were allowed past the door, and it was the emptiest I’ve ever seen a San Francisco restaurant. Napa was harder to book and seems to be “trending”, maybe because they can offer more outdoor seating.

And it’s Saturday night! We enjoyed it and service was very attentive.

I’m pretty sure Willie Brown was there. This is not the first time we’ve seen him there.

Husband LOVES the corn bread. We all enjoyed it so much I forget to take a picture! We did take two to go!

Butter Lettuce Salad
topped with bacon bits, peaches, candied walnuts, radishes, Pt. Reyes blue cheese

BBQ Gulf Shrimp
prepared with Worcestershire beer sauce and served on grilled garlic herb toast

Crispy Pork Belly
served with fermented collard greens, Carolina gold rice grits, jicama, jalapeño bourbon gastrique

Biscuits! Extra $19.00 with country ham.

Double-Double Burger
cheddar, lettuce, marinated tomato, comeback sauce & French fries

Town Hall’s Famous Fried Chicken
served with mashed potatoes, bacon red eye gravy

‘Popped Street Corn’ Soup
popped sorghum, achiote chili honey, cotija cheese, cilantro ( too sweet)

Coffee Rubbed Prime Bavette
roasted onion gravy, served with peas and carrots

Seared Halibut cheeks.
Served with corn purée, roasted chanterelle mushrooms, pickled sea bean, and topped with smoked salmon roe and crispy ham.


All looks good looks delicious, great presentation , best of luck

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Why is it empty? Are people getting skittish about indoor dining in SF?

Many places seem to be back to pretty full capacity around here.

I don’t know! It was our first time dining in SF since last spring. We were a party of 5; two from Solano County, one from NYC, two from Turkey and we all had different proof of vaccination and preparation. It took awhile for all of us to be cleared. They wanted the name of the vaccine and both dates, I assume if appropriate. Are the doing that where you are? Where is “around here”?

Just Bay Area in general. At least some of the more popular restaurants before the pandemic are packed already these days when I grabbed takeouts…

Do you know what the “popular” places are doing in terms of health checks? Also, what are some of the popular SF places right now? I have fear of missing out! We tend to go to Napa and Sonoma, but have sort of a long history with Boulevard, Yank Sing, and some places in the Financial district.

I don’t really know. The last time I dined in in SF, that was a year and a half ago, just before the pandemic arrived. After that it has been all takeouts for us. Others will probably have much better intel.

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I’ve only been to casual places in the last month and from what I’ve seen people are still easing into indoor dining in SF. I’ve picked up take out from Pizza Hacker a few times and it has been virtually empty on Friday nights (when normally it would be packed with families); Sunday we ate at Brenda’s Meat and Three for dinner and they were doing brisk take out, but only a few tables eating live; La Vaca Birria Saturday night around 8:00 was empty, we were the only ones dining in. But two weeks ago we had an early Friday dinner at Ramen at Coco Ramen on Mission and when we left it was bustling.

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[60% of S.F. restaurants saw a drop in business following vaccine mandate]