Town and Country Diner Rt. 35 Keyport, NJ

I was passing by the Town and Country this morning and noticed a banner across the building “Under New Ownership Opening Summer 2019”…so I guess they closed? This was probably the “best” diner in that area, sad to see it closed. I used to hold some seminars in their back room, it was your typical Greek owned NJ Diner.

Anyone know when they closed?

Greg had a write up on T&C recently.

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I’ve passed by that spot prob a dozen times on way to the fishery. Never knew it was an old school Greek diner spot. would have love to know–other than All Seasons in Eatontown I really haven’t found an even decent spot locally.

Yes, I titled my article, “The Diner No One Ever Ate At Finally Closes”. No joke.

I hear this place had quite a heyday but for the last 15 years struggled to have more than 3 cars in their lot…and they have a bar!

New owners are going to supposedly renovate but keep it as a diner with the same name.


after reading the reviews I’m thinking maybe I didn’t miss anything…

Grand Reopening sign on the building…

Yeah I passed on Monday and noticed they were back open for business. Good luck to them, the area needs a decent diner.

Had a late morning meal here today. The reno is well done and unlike the dining room of old, the space is clean, bright and offers spacious seating. The breakfast menu is large and In addition to expected items also offers modern diner fare (ie avocado toast with several topping options). Incredibly sized portions at very fair prices. The decaf needed work but the regular coffee was just right.

I ordered avocado toast on 2 thick slices of whole grain toast topped with very delicious and generous portions of nova with a side of sliced red onion and tomatoes. My companion enjoyed the french toast cuban breakfast platter served with hash browns. $24.00 before tip.

There are some interesting lunch and dinner specials that will def bring us back. While not packed with customers, half the room was a buzz with happy diners, friendly servers, proud owners and a lovely counter area that may become a semi regular early stop for me when work takes me north. Ample, free parking lot with ease of access.

Dare I say, fingers crossed, T&C gets a solid chance at bringing back a once dying vine. Def a nice meetup location along that section of Hwy. 35.