Tower Garden, anyone have one? Suggestions please........................

So my wife wanted one of these so I got it for her. I’m kind of psyched since I live in the north east and our gardening window is rather limited, you get one good harvest a season, so I’m looking forward to having an ongoing supply of "things’. The questions is, does anyone have one of these and have any suggestion on what thrives in these? (pretty sure my daughter is going to try to grow weed in it. lol)

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I don’t have one, but I saw them in gardening expos etc…(the vertical system, not the soil less option though) and have been thinking about it. All herbs, and strawberries would be fine in that. Dwarf cherry tomatoes if you sunny summers.

Maybe even mushrooms, if you don’t have a lot of sun, I have tried a kit without soil growing this, was fun.

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LOL, why not, but they are a sucker for full sun and water.

The sophistication of growing indoors is quite advanced these days, as are the various strains that have been “advanced “ if that’s the proper term.

As for indoors growing, I have tried sprouts (without lights) growing: leek especially, radish, bean… delicious for salads.

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There is one at our local “boys and girls club”, outside, and they seem quite successful with it. Are you considering growing inside? It doesn’t come with a light source, which can be tricky.

I hear “weed” would grow too big, and indoors, the light requirements would be quite challenging, not that I know anything about that!