Tower Dogs opening soon in Asbury Park

Anyone in the Lawrenceville area familiar with these? There’s a Coming Spring 2019 sign that just went up in a space in the southernmost pavilion on the AP Boardwalk, near Cubacan, Mogo, and the ice cream place with the crazy sundaes.

I can’t lie; hot dogs are generally not my thing, but I think they’ll do great, and we do need some new food selections on the boardwalk.

ETA that I see they’ll also have burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more…they’re DEFINITELY going to do well here.

Meh, it can join the ranks of all the other mediocre food on the boardwalk


I work in Lawrenceville and never heard of them.

I cannot and will not cheat my beloved Windmill for some sexy and new hot dog joint. Nope ain’t gonna happen!!


Some of the people in my group (Hot Dog Nation) have been there including someone who lives in Lawrenceville. I have not. Mixed reviews, mostly negative. Extremely overpriced. Something like $6 for an average sized dog. More for toppings. Comments ranged from bland to weird tasting although one guy liked their dogs.


So if they charge 6 bucks there they will charge near 10 on the boardwalk

So…perfect for a boardwalk. Esp one where you can get an $18 (iirc) ice cream sundae tower.

If it reduces the line at MOGO, that’s fine by me! :slight_smile:

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Wow 9 dollar hotdogs. That is pretty steep. I thought windmill dogs were pricey.