Totally, WAY not about food

But I haven’t stopped giggling for the past 15 minutes…


Did you mean to post this on Facebook?


Not about food- but funny :grinning:

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what amazes me is that this actually managed to become a real thing before someone realized what the acronym would be.

(in the power tool industry, when Bosch bought out Skil, they ended up calling it S-B Power tools because someone realized that B-S Power Tools was probably not a great idea…

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I could not stop gasping for air. Total disbelief. W
hatever else you can say about Scalia, he had a wry sense of humor I think he’d get a giggle out of it, too.

I mean, for 30 million, you think they could have given thought to the acronym??? For reals? :slight_smile:


I was told that Rice College in Texas was originally to be named the Sam Houston Institute of Technology. Don’t know if that’s true, but I can imagine the cheerleaders’ cries and get a good smile out of it

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Sort of like the affectionate idea for a Fordham University fight song… F U

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Heh heh. Thanks for the laugh. In fact, years from now, very few people will know that it was briefly known as ASS Law. By then everyone will only know it as ASLS. Hopefully, my memory will not betray me, and I will able to tell numerous truthful and funny stories in parties. :smiley: I will be popular.

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