Tortilleria Nixtamal [LES] sells fresh masa by the pound

Haven’t seen this info elsewhere. Tortilleria Nixtamal out in Queens was the only place I knew of in NYC that sold fresh masa retail in small quantities. It’s quite a haul for me, so I brought back five pounds and froze most of it. They have a new location in the Market Line, in the basement of the new Essex Market at Delancey and Essex on the LES. The Market Line looks pretty much like DeKalb Market Hall and probably most of the other food halls that have sprung up recently, and it has the same strengths and weaknesses. But I inquired at the counter, and yes, they sell fresh masa out of this location. At $2/lb, it’s a little more than at the main location, but worth it to avoid the schlep. (And much better than the $5/lb that a short-lived EV Mexican deli was charging!)

Also tortillas by the pound ($4) or half pound. And the staff is SUPER NICE. But the taco I had wasn’t that good. Too much going on.

For tacos in that area, there’s the latest outpost of Taco Mix, two blocks east on the north side of Delancey, who also have fresh handmade tortillas.

Thanks. I live on the LES, so I’m familiar with Taco Mix. I like it well enough, but I wish it were cleaner (they get busy - they’re not slobs). Puebla, upstairs at Essex Market, is a better option, according to me. There’s also La Contenta, which is fancier, and Essex Taco, just northwest of Essex Market, on Essex.

Sorry, didn’t intend to mansplain. And thanks for the other recommendations.

You’re welcome! If you hit any of them, please share your opinion. And there’s another option, if you are, for some reason, nostalgic for those interchageable Mexican places that used to be everywhere (mostly with “Express” somewhere in the name), there’s also Taco Recipes on Grand, south of Essex.