Tortillas ? ( BA bites ) [ SF area ]

I do like the La Finca’s, they’re used by my taqueria around the corner. Any other favorites?

Thanks for the article— that’s cool of them to heat the tortillas in different ways for their testing.

I’m a big La Palma fan. I’ll buy their masa to make pupusas, but find it more convenient and tastier to use their bags of tortillas than press them out on my own. Their nopales tortillas are very good.

Some other candidates that make masa in house. I’ve had good stuff from restaurants/trucks that used masa/tortillas from the top three:

La Estrellita Restaurant (Redwood City) (best food truck ever, Los Carnalitos )
La Tapatia Mexicatessen (South San Francisco) (La Taqueria in the Mission uses these)
La Mexicana (Hayward)
El Espigo de oro (Mission)

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Some suggest that Valencia Asian Market in Palo Alto has good handmade tortilla. I haven’t been so I can’t say whether the assessment is reliable. But since its in your area, I thought I would mention it. I don’t think they make the masa there though.

La Palma is our gold standard. And second their masas.

It’s also close to Belmar market where I last bought pristine fresh lard.

Bellmar-Lagallinita Meat Market
2989 24th Street (between Alabama and Harrison)
San Francisco

(415) 826-4600

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Valencia Asian Market is a funky little storefront that I only noticed in the last year. Any reports?

I like the freshly pressed ones at Picante in West Berkeley. They are thick and chewy. I always get an order along with my food order. A warm tortilla with butter is a hard combination to beat.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2