Tortilla Chips - What's your style?

What’s your preferred style of tortilla chip?

Thick and durable / thin & crisp?
Yellow corn / white corn / blue corn?
Rounds / triangles / scoops
Corn chips rather than tortilla chips?

What are your favorite brands?
Which chip for which dip?
How else do you eat them? With soup? Salad? Mixed into scrambled eggs?

Let’s talk all things tortilla chip!

Okay - I’ll take a stab at this . . . .

My favorite is always -

Thick - yellow corn - triangles

I like a serious crunch to my tortilla chip and I like ones that I enjoy eating on their own (I love dips, salsas and spreads but the chip needs to be good all by itself too).

My favorite are ones I make myself - they are super simple to make if you’ve never done it - buy corn tortillas - cut into triangles - fry at about 375 until they start to look a little brown (don’t overcrowd the oil as they do need room to break apart and fry).

Tostitos used to have one that I liked - I think it was called “restaurant style” but I haven’t seen it in the stores for a while. The Boston area has a local tortilla chip that I like too but it is a little thin for my full endorsement.

Corn chips and scoops are only good for dips that are cream cheese/sour cream driven - which are fine but I only have them at Superbowl parties it seems.

And I do love a Frito with chili! But not with salsa.


yellow corn
Corn chips are a different animal than tortilla chips.

My favorite are the Sprouts yellow corn tortilla chips. I’m not a fan of Tostitos.

Tortilla chips are used for: salsa, guacamole, 7 layer dip, TJ’s Cowboy Caviar, chicken salad with a splash of Tapatio on each bite, spinach artichoke dip, and jalapeno popper dip. I also garnish my homemade tortilla soup with them.
Corn chips are used for: corn dip and Frito pie.

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I will agree with the folks above…triangular thick yellow corn chips mainly. I like those with salsa.

I like the scoop style chips for heavier guacamole or chili dips. I like to load it on. Do any national brands make a thick style scoop chip?

As for the “restaurant style” store-bought chips, I seem to recall them all being super thin and flimsy. I don’t see them as being a bad chip, but they don’t seem to hold enough salsa. I might be a klutz, but I seem to break them.

Cool topic :slight_smile:

Ps…I’m not as huge tradtional frito guy but they obviously aren’t bad.

The Wifecita and I like the not so thick corn ones from a local genuine Tex-Mex place with flavorful red sauce and smoldering green sauce before Texans games and Astros playoff/soon to be WORLD SERIES games.

Excuse the shouting as we’re a bit more than exited down here. This doesn’t happen very often.

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I prefer thin crisp triangles. Any color of corn. My favorite store-bought ones are the house brand at Garden of Eden - thin triangles of white/yellow corn, white corn with tomato (thus red in color), and blue corn. Delicious and patriotic as all get out. :slight_smile:

Manteca, corn oil, or grape seed oil?

Thought that I favored yellow corn chips, but I stand corrected after checking out the package we bought last night. My fave is white corn as I now see from the ingredients.

Mi Niña is a brand in the Boston area, which Market Basket here now carries (yay).

Trader Joe’s blue corn chips are my sentimental second favorite. Our late dog loved that kind best, so that was a “one for me, one for you” snack.

And now, I better go hide the tortilla chips from myself.


Ah that is the brand I was talking about. They are very good but a little thin to be my “favorite”. Didn’t realize they were white corn either.

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