[Toronto, The Junction ] Favourite places?

Which are your favourite spots?

I like Honest Weight and When The Pig Came Home.

Especially interested in places with patios.

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Really liked Honest Weight the one time we went, but that was pre-pandemic. Ate on the patio at Lucia during the pandemic and it was quite good.

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I’ve been visiting the Junction a lot lately. I like Full Stop’s coffee.

I’ve visited Noctua Bakery twice in the past 2 weeks, and Mattachioni twice last weekend. There is a streetside patio, to enjoy a coffee and pastry.

I can also recommend the Brazilian bakery.

Yesterday, Honest Weight featured a snow crab omelette as a brunch special. Honest Weight has a streetside patio.

I haven’t been yet, but Dirty Food is really popular for brunch. They close at 3 pm. Dirty Food has 2 2-top tables outside their restaurant.

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