(Toronto) Run, do not walk, to Luckee

I hadn’t been here yet until a couple of days ago. If you haven’t had the Shrimp Cheung Fun (despite the stupid name), you need to go there, now. Texture of these morcels of food are impeccable… they’re like little slices of heaven on a plate. I’ve been obessing about them ever since I tried them. :frowning:

It’s rice cake surrounding a crispy fried dumpling. Three different textures, and absolutely phenomenal. I may go there after my dinner at Jacobs & Co. Seriously!

Seriously, where is this place? And what else do you recommend from here?

It’s where Sen5es cafe used to be. Wellington and Peter? It’s in a hotel, never the less.

Unfortunately that was my “2nd dinner” that night, so we just had that and another appetizer, which was just ok - but I think they make much of their dumplings/dim sum from scratch, so I’m definitely looking forward to returning and trying out more of the menu.