Toronto restaurants, bakeries, pubs or other businesses that are closing, Nov 2022 onwards

We decided to go back to Country Style for one more meal:

As you can see, there was a long line (which continued into the restaurant). We ended up waiting 3 hours for a table (the only time we have waited longer for a restaurant is 5 hours for Franklin in Austin). The wait was mostly bearable by the chance to trade stories and humour with others in line, as well as explaining to every passerby why we were lining up.

By the time we got close to getting a table, we were getting concerned the kitchen might close, so we ordered our food ahead. Alas, they were out of a number of dishes that we wanted to order (I suspect they also stopped making some less popular ones in their last week).

As they were out of liver dumpling soup, we settled for chicken noodle:

It’s a good version, though could have had a bit more parsley root for the broth.

Our friend felt we needed additional deep fried:

A half order of fried cheese and a half order of fried mushrooms - surprisingly satisfying for what amounts to a generic pub snack.

The wooden plate was a must-order, not because it was my favourite version (that honour goes to long-gone Korona), but because it is the iconic dish: tender wiener schnitzel, even lighter Parisian schnitzel, smokey debreceni sausage, a hefty portion of fried potatoes, some nokedli with gravy, and pickled beets. It came with a cabbage roll, which was OK as noted above, but there are better versions around.

With so many dishes out of stock, we went with pork paprikas, which was very satisfying with tender pork and a rich sauce that had the tang of sour cream.

For dessert we had the dobos torte, which was OK - I find too many Eastern European cakes on the dry side.

We finished with shots of apricot eau de vie and a sweet pear version. We chatted with the wait staff about our years of patronage and thanked everyone.


Tough year for Hungarian Restaurants in Ontario. 3 have closed in the past 6 months. Country Style in TO and the Budapest in London, and now the Black Tulip on St Clair W.

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I’ve never been, but sad nonetheless.

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Secret garden by Kibo closing end of Jan 2024 (sadness) though they say they will keep later in the year

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The Rosedale Diner is closing after 45 years.

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this is sad


you’re right.

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Uncle Betty’s and NU Bügel are both closed.


I’m shocked by businesses closing on short notice during the Holidays, when people are still shopping.

Donato Hair Salon (off topic, I know) at Yorkdale, in business over 25 years, closed this week, leaving its stylists without a job during a busy month.

Yesterday, Housecoat Coffee announced it is closing on Dec 15, 2023. They were closed due to be short-staffed yesterday. 4 days notice.

Now Tuck Shop Kitchen. Last day is Dec 22nd. I wonder how many other restaurants will announce closings before Dec 31st.

I will start a new closing thread for 2024 on Jan 1.

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O&B Café Grill at Yonge and Front’s last day is December 31. Biff’s will be moving into the space in the New Year, with an unnamed new Rob Rossi restaurant opening where Biff’s is currently located.


Has Rossi broken away from David’s restaurants? Whoever runs the Giulietta and Osteria Giulia accounts on IG blocked me so I can never see their posts.:rofl:

Rossi and Minicucci are still business partners - they are both behind the new spot on Front St, according to an (unconfirmed) report in the latest issue of Canada’s 100 Best magazine.

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Okay, thanks. It explains why I can see Rob’s IG posts, unless they’re reposted stories from Giulietta or Osteria Giulia. I had been a fan of Malena, and had been to L’Unita many times. Not sure what I did to get myself blocked.

The Black Horse closed. Not sure when.

Maderas Coffee on Ossington is closing on Dec 22nd

Another Aroma Espresso has closed, this time, the one in Spadina Village. Cafe Landwer will open a location in its place.


Founder on Dundas W closed Dec 29, 2023.

Rosedale Diner’s last day is today, Dec 31st. 10 am to 4 pm for brunch, 8 pm until close for dinner.

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They’re not serving dinner. Buy your own drinks and apps are complementary.