Toronto/Ontario Board???

Toronto seems to have been relocated to the Midwest. :open_mouth: Is anyone interested in contributing to a new Toronto Board?

I am! Just joined and was wondering if there was a Toronto board.

I recognize a few of the old guard from the Ontario board on that other site here. Surprised to see there hasn’t been one started yet.

We could share the quiet Montreal board with you, I guess :wink:

That’s a good idea! As long as you promise not to separate later.

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You can grab them into this thread by using the @ tag. Just type e.g. @Jovialetr and they will be notified

I was going to crack a joke but then I realize it may not be PC.

We don’t have a Toronto board?

If you all want to hang out together that’s totally fine but the name of the board may need to reflect the change. just let me know if this is what you all want. Adding @Captcrunch

funny :expressionless:

No worries, we’re used to laughing at our ridiculous political issues.


Someone called me?

I guess we can team up in hopes of generating more volume (and a more progressive alternative to our southern neighbour’s forums :stuck_out_tongue: ) . We can always advise later if we get enough traffic to get a fully running board for Ontario and Quebec individually. Maybe we’ll do a referendum? (get it? wink wink).

Right now the Montreal board is a bit slow and it doesn’t make sense that Toronto doesn’t get a place of its own so I’m all for extending the coverage for both Ontario and Quebec.

Let’s do it then. With that said, you’d want to find some TO pals to join in the fun.

I don’t see this as a long-term solution, but perhaps it will be a way of getting people from the Ottawa-Gatineau area of eastern Ontario and western Québec on board. There have never been many posts about that area (I’m far more often there than in the GTA).

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Do you know of anyone that may be interested from the Ottawa-Gatineau area?

No, I don’t at the moment. My cousins don’t have the “food blogging” gene, though they are very good cooks.

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