[TORONTO] Nunu Ethiopian

I hadn’t been to Nunu for many years. I’m actually not a fan of Ethiopian food, to be honest but Nunu had always been a refreshing take on it and I wanted to go back.

We went on Friday night and it was very busy - it’s a small place. I am reasonably sure the space has changed and become more upscale. The area has after all really blossomed. I don’t remember that modern bar and the banquette seating but perhaps that’s just my memory playing tricks. We’d often be alone here too so that alters perception.

My niece got the house cocktail which arrived under a dome with a pungent smoke container. She said it was good.

Same niece wanted appetizers - the tartare and an eggplant dip. They were both small and I had only tastes of each - pleasant. I preferred the tartare, which was interestingly tangy, with the eggplant having a bit more cumin than I like.

We had mixed meat and a mixed vegan plate. They combined the two on one page, one side dedicated to each. I’d only ever had the vegan one before because my previous Nunu companion is vegan. I think this is why I’ve always been OK with the Ethiopian food here and nowhere else - the meats don’t really do it for me. Too similar and what I consider stewy. The vegan, on the other hand, has a good variety of tastes and textures, all enjoyable.

Too full for dessert or even the iconic coffee ceremony, bill was about $135 with t&t.

I’m glad I went back, won’t rush to go again, but if I do go again it’ll be vegan all the way.



I haven’t been to Nunu. I agree that the vegetable dishes are the highlight of Ethiopian cuisine. From what I can see in your picture, you had yellow split peas, red lentils, maybe beets and potato, gomen (chard or kale or collards), maybe a cabbage dish, and another potato dish? Some places offer green beans (fasolia) also, which is usually good.

Nunu boasts using whatever’s seasonal from the garden. There were chickpeas, lentils, greens, beets, squash. Red cabbage… Fresh flavours for sure.