[Toronto] butchers

I’m a Sanagan’s fan girl.

Has anyone tried Fresh From The Farm on Danforth recently? I noticed they have geese.

Sanagan’s won’t have geese available until Dec 23rd, and I need it sooner than that.

Olliffe has geese but is charging $144, last time I checked. https://olliffe.ca/products/whole-goose?_pos=1&_sid=6e3b8cc7a&_ss=r

Sanagan’s is charging $119 for a fresh or frozen goose (sold out of fresh, frozen available on Dec 23), and Fresh From The Farm has geese in the $65ish range.

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Do you mean Fresh From the Farm on Donlands? I’m not aware of a Danforth location.

I have been going there for years. They source primarily from smaller family-owned farms from south-western Ontario (mainly Amish and Mennonite). One of our favourite products is the Manitoba-style Mennonite sausage - very smoky. We also like their bacon, smoked pork chops, beef, turkeys, eggs, frozen sustainable seafood, and baked goods.


Yep, my mistake.

Turns out I was able to buy a frozen goose at Sanagan’s in Kensington.

I haven’t been east of Broadview since Sept 12th! I used to eat or shop in East York once or twice a week, before 2020.