[Toronto] butchers

I’m a Sanagan’s fan girl.

Has anyone tried Fresh From The Farm on Danforth recently? I noticed they have geese.

Sanagan’s won’t have geese available until Dec 23rd, and I need it sooner than that.

Olliffe has geese but is charging $144, last time I checked. https://olliffe.ca/products/whole-goose?_pos=1&_sid=6e3b8cc7a&_ss=r

Sanagan’s is charging $119 for a fresh or frozen goose (sold out of fresh, frozen available on Dec 23), and Fresh From The Farm has geese in the $65ish range.

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Do you mean Fresh From the Farm on Donlands? I’m not aware of a Danforth location.

I have been going there for years. They source primarily from smaller family-owned farms from south-western Ontario (mainly Amish and Mennonite). One of our favourite products is the Manitoba-style Mennonite sausage - very smoky. We also like their bacon, smoked pork chops, beef, turkeys, eggs, frozen sustainable seafood, and baked goods.


Yep, my mistake.

Turns out I was able to buy a frozen goose at Sanagan’s in Kensington.

I haven’t been east of Broadview since Sept 12th! I used to eat or shop in East York once or twice a week, before 2020.

I was very happy with the rib steak I bought at Grace Meat Market this weekend. I will try more of their products.

Grace Meats also had latkes to go, which I will try at some point.


Grace Meats has a small hot table near the door, with roast chicken and sausages. I hadn’t been inside before, so I wasn’t aware of it.

I will try Vince Gasparro’s at 857 Bloor near Ossington at some point this summer.

Has anyone tried Bespoke Butcher? Hmm as for Toronto Life listings hmm don’t trust their rankings for much of the stuff. Famu is really good IMO, Cumbrae’s is splurge worthy and Oliffe is over the top expensive. Personally when I can source Prime Rated Steaks at Costco I can’t look elsewhere (they don’t have dry aged stuff) but they are hard to beat IMO.

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I gave up my Costco Membership about 7 year ago. I get that it’s good value if you like shopping there. I really liked the Costco experience for a while.

I also don’t trust Toronto Life listings or listicles. Mostly posted it for the blurb on Vince Gasparro’s, a shop without a good website.

Yeah I hear you but I can justify the Costco membership for my cheese and meat purchase alone (and I shop for 1!) throw in the shopping lists for friends hard to beat.
I was thinking of trying the Bespoke Butcher Striploin as feel like a splurge soon.

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Has anyone tried Bespoke Butcher?

No, but when I saw Sausage King in St. Lawrence become Sausage King by Bespoke Butchers, I looked them up. Seems like they have some money and a marketing team behind them. They’re also looking for brand ambassadors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I didn’t realize Bespoke Butchers had so many locations.

Don’t you think it’s time for a HungryOnion Brand Ambassador? :joy:

Maybe we should set it up.


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Ok now it makes sense they were rated the best strip loin steak by Yorkville post maybe the marketing $ at work there

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Does anyone know how many followers one needs to become a Brand Ambassador who gets discounts?

My favourite Toronto butcher for decades and likely always will be St Jamestown Steak and Chops. Family owned and operated by the Michelins since 1971. In addition to being a butcher, they are a provisioner and deli plus carry high quality fresh seafood. True one-stop shopping.

I’ve said this before, but its worth repeating. St Jamestown is the only store I could enter blindfolded with a clothes peg on my nose and still walk out with great food.

The kicker, though, is that Mark Michelin does the number one job of a real butcher. He serves his neighbourhood with care and consideration.


I enjoyed the beef ribs and pork ribs from Cumbraes yesterday, as well as the mixed root veg.

The lamb looked great.

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Looks like Bespoke Butchers have closed all their locations.