[Toronto, Alexandra Park] SuLee Dosirak, Korean takeout

On Sunday, I walked around Market 707 (the shipping container street food market near Bathurst and Dundas) and was surprised to find that all the vendors were closed. Almost all of them. Right where Dundas starts to bend eastward, around the corner from the Scadding Court Community Centre, I found a lone open sign.

Located next to a cellphone store, were a pair of tiny stalls. The one that was open, was SuLee Dosirak. My kids (10 and 7) and I looked over the small menu and settled on the Bulgogi Bibimbap ($13) and the Dakdoritang Dosirak ($13).

The bibimbap came piled high with beef and an assortment of vegetables. Highlights were the meaty, sliced shiitakes, and the crunchy, salty cucumbers. The gochujang drizzled over everything had a nice sweet heat, and the fried egg had crisp edges and a runny yolk. I shared this with my daughter and it was a filling lunch.

My son had the dosirak, which is a Korean version of a bento. SuLee’s takeout tray had different compartments filled with rice and many banchan: marinated black beans, chap chae (seasoned glass noodles with slivered vegetables), lotus root, a rolled filled omelet (?) sliced into rounds, cabbage kimchi, and a few others. A separate smaller container held the fall-apart chicken wings and potatoes, swimming in a flavourful spicy broth.

The guy taking our order was really friendly, telling me he had only been open for 4 months, didn’t know why the other containers weren’t open, and comped me a cup of roasted rice green tea, and my kids some Korean snacks. There’s no seating, except for some metal tables and chairs which were all tied up, so they probably belonged to the community centre. But there’s more tables closer to the other containers around the corner.

More pictures at https://www.instagram.com/suleedosirak/