Topwater Grill San Leon and yet another Galveston/Surfside report

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Wanted to like this place part II.

It’s easy to get there but a pain in the rear, if that makes sense. Take Farm Road 517 to San Leon, turn right and go about a mile until the end of the road and if you drive into Galveston Bay you’ve gone too far, call insurance agent.

Like I said it’s on Galveston Bay with a canal for boats to tie up to. We ordered three oyster dishes. go figure. The app was grilled oysters with garlic and parmesan, just ok, too much garlic, a phrase I’ve never uttered.

We also had Cajun oysters and fried oysters, both way over battered.

We went to Galveston and our headquarters Benno’s where our buddy, who shall remain nameless in case of the one in a billion chance that a higher up reads this, comped us a perfectly cooked fried Cajun crab entree and unlimited wine.

We also had blackened oysters, just fine and a whole fried catfish, incredible. No trip to Galveston is complete without a Mario’s Seawall pizza feed, delicious as always. We squeezed in a round trip to Surfside and the Surfside Inn.

We got the fried shrimp and snapper, the shrimp are as good as any on the planet. I can fry a better snapper skin on for 20 bucks which I did last week, five less that the restaurant.

A and M just officially got stomped by Alabama, roll 'Tide.