Tops Bakery, Mt. Kisco, NY

Well, Tops finally opened and I was super excited to have an old fashioned bakery in my area. Unfortunately, this is not actually a bakery but rather an offshoot of their Bronxville bakery. All the baking is done in Bronxville and brought to MK. The place is very small and their are no full cakes of any kind. What is for sale are ones - individually packaged pieces of cake, muffins, pastries, etc. They do have loose donuts and I had a jelly which was absolutely delicious. Jam filled (pardon the pun) with lots of jelly and a lovely sugar coating the outside.

I asked if they would be having cakes there and the owner told me that, right now, they are trying to get a feel for what the area wants. You can order a cake from Bronxville and they will have it for you the next day, but if you need a cake last minute that won’t work. I can’t imagine that the current concept is really what is needed in that location. It is not near the train where one might want to grab a pastry for the road.

If the cakes, etc are as good as that jelly donut, boy would I love to try them. They have 7 layer cake which is my favorite, so when they have that I will get a single slice (which will keep me from eating a whole cake on my own), but I would like the option to get a whole one if the urge strikes.

I wish them well! I hope they expand. Can you say, Rye Bread???

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I remember as a kid and teen getting small jelly donuts covered in cinnamon sugar from Topp’s Bakery in Bronxville. They were half way in size between a regular donut and a donut hole, and I would warm them up in the oven. Yumm! And great Napoleans too. I worked there for a few weeks when I was 16, and a friend worked there for several years starting the same age. I hadn’t been in many years because as the old owner, I think his name may have been Otto, aged, his pastry suffered in quality. Then I went once with a poor experience after the previous owners took over quite awhile ago, and it has even newer owners since December 2016, but I never checked them out. I should, I drive though Bronxville almost every day.

My question is, are Topp’s donuts as good as the ones from Galloways in Scarsdale? At Galloways I ask them to make me custom ones without any sugar coating, and only half the amount of jelly. This way I can really taste their yeasty dough.

I am in Northern Westchester where it is very hard to find an old fashioned bakery. That is why I was stupidly excited about getting what I thought would be a bakery. Up here you can get all the French pastries you can possibly want, but a good rye bread… not so much!

Sad to say but a good rye bread has (pretty much) gone the way of the dodo bird. Topps is well known for good jelly donuts. Bea’s bakery up your way also makes a good one. As does Galloways (open weekends only). The only other one I have found is Martine’s - they also make a killer boston cream donut. Unfortunately , at all of these bakeries, the only thing I like is their donuts. Recently, I had gone to topps and (somehow) the donut was not fresh and was lousy, but I have been back once since and it was fine.

Beescakes in Armonk has the best donuts! I like their chocolate chip crumb cake too.

off subject , but , the other day one of the markets had a buy 1 get 2 free for entennman’s cakes. I tried a lemon crunch, chocolate cake and raspberry twist. I should have stuck to the regular entennman’s crumb cake . To me that is a good crumb cake, and fortunately entennmans has not ruined that cake.

Lately, all Entenmann’s cakes taste the same to me!!

Have you ever tried Yorktown Pastry Shop (same shopping center as TJ Maxx and Panera)? I haven’t been there in a long time (and never tried their bread when I did shop there) but I just read a Yelp review which seemed to say they are still old fashioned.

Thanks, yes I have. They also have very good jelly donuts. Their 7 layer cake is pretty good, but a bit dry. I’d forgotten about them. They are the old fashioned kind!

In terms of good rye bread, surprisingly I have found what appears to be the same bread at both Whole Foods AND Stop and Shop (at least the one in White Plains, not sure if it’s in all their outlets.). It’s a solid bread with lots of seeds.

My definition of good rye bread includes a crispy crust and a wax bag :wink:

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The breads I was referring to have good crusts. No wax paper, but S and S does have paper bags.

Wow, my stop and shop only has plastic. Classy stop and shop!

Not sure about s&s but wf doesn’t bag it til you buy it - I’m guessing s&s is the same. Just bring an extra wax bag with you or keep one in the trunk and just switch it right after you leave. Wf is where I usually get a good rye bread. If you really want a hard crust sourdough get to flour,water salt in Darien but be forewarned - he closes at 1 o’clock or when he sells out. Also a loaf is $8.00 and I have returned for more- which I was hoping not to do.


Thanks, Rich. Darien is a bit far for me to go for a loaf of bread!! Plus, wow, $8?

And, they’re gone. Did I predict it, or what!!!

As you said, not a really good location for them.