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Pot heads…

Back in my high school & college days, my friends & I always thought there was a direct correlation between the rise in popularity of McD’s and the rise of popularity of cannabis. Something about those salty fries and a cold Coke :sunglasses:

Apparently they didn’t officially factor in proximity, but …

“McDonald’s wins by virtue of the sheer number of locations – by default really,” said Jeff Stein, Vice President of Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

In Austin, in the 60s, my partner and I would drive to Arby’s, which was new in town and we loved it. Walking, we’d go to Der Wienerschnitzel. There weren’t fast food outlets on every block back then and many places closed by 8 or 9.

In Houston in the 70s, my go to was Marini’s Empanadas, half a block away. Savory and sweet Argentinean empanadas, with the sweet ones buried under a mountain of powdered sugar. Sr. Marini knew what he was doing and what crowd he was serving.

Little Caesars pizza pizza was the biggie where I went to school.

Two pepperonis for $ 5.

Little Kings cream ale in the stubbies to go with. Cheapest and most alcohol for the $$.

The Schlitz Bull and Colt 45 forties were just getting started.

Actually, it’s salty fries and a vanilla milkshake to dip them into. :smirk:

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Happy Cake Day Brrruuuuuccccee!

Agree. When I do eat fast food. McDonald’s I get the same thing. Big Mac and cheeseburger. At Taco Bell I get a bean burrito and two tacos. No Frills just fill.

Houston in the 70’s was Jack In The Box tacos for our crew.

I personally enjoyed destroying butterfingers.

I think we need to see what non-cannabis consumers or general consumers prefer ratio. I didn’t see anything I would consider surprising. I think this is the same preference for the general audience.


Do you think it has anything to do with the shamrock shakes?

Maybe we need to get you stoned and see if your taste changes!

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LA in the 70’s was Jack in the Box for us too, all the way, not just the tacos. They were open 24 hours for one thing and something about bellowing our order at a plastic clown when we were high just sealed the whole deal for us.


I pretty sure a jumbo jack or two were eaten. I’m not sure if they were open 24 hours, but at the very least they were open later than anyone else.

I miss the plastic clown, they should bring it back. I’d go more often if they had it.

You were high, in the 70’s, get out. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember if they were open 24 hours.


I think there may have been a Jack in the Box locally when I was a kid, but it was long gone by the 80s and Taco Bell had not yet arrived. I don’t recall ever eating at either . . . but then again the 80s are a little hazy :confused:

Undergrad was an urban campus . . . Mario’s delivered pizza to the dorms . . . and so much more. IIRC they were shut down a few years after I graduated. A shame–munchies and their cause in one.

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This is in 2013. McDonald has 3-4 times the market share of Wendy’s, Burger King and Taco Ball. Obviously, this data set is in 2013, and market share is not same as store visit. However, I am not convinced that average cannabis users really love McDonald more than an average American.

Maybe the majority of fast food customers are also pot smokers! I still think we need to proceed with the experiment.

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