Top Chef...

So I hear that it starts this week and LindaWhit retired and FireGoat not around, so is there someone stepping forward to help a girl out?!? I loved loved loved Linda’s dedication and ability to synthesize the episodes. Any takers? Happy to send some Texas tamales to anyone who steps up to capture the season for us, if interested.

Why not invite Firegoat here if anyone has the contacts?

Good point dfk. Does anyone here have contact info for Firegoat? I see they are from Tulsa and I posted on their blog, but the last post is from 2008 so it may be a long shot to reach them via it.

TPassed buy CH today and they are having the same conversation… Looking for someone to step up now that LW has retired!

It can always go back to the way it was before I started writing full recaps - someone would start the thread, write about the first 15 minutes or so (up through the Quickfire winner) and then save the thread so conversation could ensue. Folks would add comments throughout, discussing what was of interest.

Not a full recap, but at least it got the party started.


Good thinking LW. Although I probably can’t be a recapper as I typically watch a day or two later on DVD. (Not seeing the episode never stopped me from jumping into the threads though :wink:


I posted there as well to see if Firegoat was still lurking.

I hope there’s an explanation as to why Grayson is there again!

Unfortunately, food network Canada plays it the day after airing in the USA, so I have to stay out of this thread to remain unspoiled.

This may be a good spot to point out the spoiler tip:

great idea!

but I don’t expect people to do that, really. If you don’t wanna be spoiled, generally you should stay out until you’ve seen the show.

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But it’s such a cool feature . . .I know I’ll feel compelled to use it :imp:

Hello! I wasn’t paying attention and totally missed this site. I’m here now and ready for some Top Cheffing.

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Looking forward to seeing Grayson again. One of the more entertainment cheftestapants

So THIS is where the cool kids hang out!

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Glad you and FireGoat found your way over here! Tell your friends. :grinning:

Stalking Linda Witt!

Jk…no I’m not.

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Hi Linda,

How are you?

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I wasn’t particularly enamored of her last night. She was definitely on the defensive!

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I’m alive, Phaedrus, so that’s still a good thing. :slight_smile: I enjoyed just walking upstairs at 11:15 p.m. last night when the premiere was over. Usually I’d have been staying up to midnight to finish the recap. I’m definitely preferring not recapping.

Interestingly, today (Dec. 3rd) last year was the start to the Boston season. My post on Facebook was rather telling a year ago:

“Top Chef-Boston is back tonight.
I kinda want it over and done with.”

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Im not sure I can watch any more of Top Chef until you guys assure me that Wesley the disgusting pig and Phillip the pretentious dude with the man bun have been eliminated.

I am more than halfway serious about this, particularly Wesley. He skeeved me!

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