Top Chef Kentucky


Yes, not just the woman - there were probably 4 or 5 contestants that expressed the same thing. I’m holding them all accountable (men and women).

Also - Padma did say they could be inspired by the alcohol, flavors, whatever inspires them” and then seemed to give brother a hard time for his inspiration. But it didn’t sound like it tasted great.

And on a total petty side notes - I hope Brian (? The guy who won restaurant wars) watches this and buys new pants. They fit horribly and look aweful. - maybe I’m compensating for calling out Kelsey (?) in my earlier post - dogging both genders now and all.


The editors were flogging the whole “fuck this guy” narrative so hard they had me convinced Brother was going to win the challenge. That ouster actually WAS a surprise.

Yes, hooray!


I think Eddie says he may be suffering from “permanent angry face”. Maybe he ASPIRES to “permanent b**** face” !

I guess I’m at that stage wherr I’m starting to remember names!

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LOL - me too. Just a few. By the end I’ll know them!!!

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But that’s who his parents are, his back story isn’t going to change. It does sound curious to those of us whose parents were engineers or teachers or salespeople or whatever, but that’s his life and his parents and nothing to be ashamed of.


It’s not that I think he should avoid it or anything of the sort. It’s just that it was brought up on his original season - got it - it just seemed wedged into this discussion.

Edit - completely open to the possibility that other contestants bring up their parent’s professions in their random interviews but his are so unique that I remember or attend to it more than other contestants. It just seemed wedged into the edit.


I seem to remember it came up in the context of explaining the Japanese focus in his “concept”; I think he said his parentst traveled a lot. Not sure it was a big "ahaaaa!!"for me this time. When he shared it in HIS season, and I don’t remember the context, I remember it being a big “ahaa!”.


Last night was a mostly unsatisfying episode. The Hot Brown QC had good and bad. Trying to make turkey sausage-stuffed Scotch eggs in 30 minutes? Sara, Sara, Sara. But I thought Adrienne’s turkey tenders with bourbon corn sauce looked amazing - I’d eat those in a heartbeat.

As for the EC - it’s all about The Moo, or “Carne!” as Dario Cecchini, the Butcher of Panzano, kept calling out while demonstrating how to break down a whole side of beef. And once they drew knives and got their cut of beef from the side, this is where it went terribly wrong.

Steak tartare from two chefs? C’mon.
And Sara does another sausage. Again. And it’s a sucky version of sausage.
And Brian ruins a beautiful cut of ribeye. No one looked happy with his plate.
And teeny-tiny plates. It’s a FREAKING COW! Serve a honkin’ big-ass piece o’ meat, fer Crissakes!

The winner gets to go to Tuscany for a week to study with Dario and a nice signed apron from Nancy. The winner also gets jealous glares from Brian. Too bad, so sad, Brian. You screwed the pooch with your dish, so tough tooties on losing out on staging with Dario.

Bottom three (and all of them) were told by Tom “You can’t be scared,” before addressing all of the chefs. “I’m going to give everyone a little piece of advice: be yourself. That’s when you cook the best.” Like, DUH.

F&W recap:

Courier recap:


Agreed on the episode. It was a bit boring to me and sad that basically everyone missed the mark.

Did anyone catch the previous last chance kitchen yet? I saw it on


(I’m loving your mini-recaps :wink: )

I almost feel like I need to rewatch part of this episode . . . . . how much time did they have for the elimination challenge? The final dishes almost seemed like quick fire dishes instead of elimination dishes. Did they have limited cooking time? Anyone remember?

I wonder that because it is the only way I can mentally justify breaking some of the large cuts down into mini-bites - was there not time to really cook a big chunk of prime rib on the bone? As a non-professional, but regular cooker of large roasts . . . I have no idea how you could cook, say, a 3 rib section to an even medium rare (the way I like that cut) in a short time - that takes hours . . . . did they not have hours??? Or did they spend all their time on sauces, leaving the meat cooking to a short window at the end?

I was very confused by the dishes given what they had to work with . . . . .


Of course I’ve already watched it several times and screen by screen, to get this screenshot;

Eddie’s happy face!

Here’s his dish;

A few more, since I have them.

Eddie “losing his mind, happy”.


Not yet. That’ll be tonight with a glass of wine. :wink:


The had 10 minutes to pantry-shop in the TC pantry of local Kentucky ingredients, 30 min and $100 to shop at Whole Foods, and 2 hours the next day to prep and cook their dishes for the judges and whoever else was eating at the restaurant.


I thought he meant he needed a break from the overall stress of TC and LCK. He was ready to give up his shot and go back to “normal” chef life.


Carne! episode.

Not quite sure when Imogene Coca AKA Aunt Edna from Lampoon’s Vacation became a famous chef/owner but she nailed it.

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Loved your mini recap too!!! And I so agree. Where was the beef??? I think the right person went home, though. That tartar even looked slimy!!!


I thought it was amusing how one of the cheftestants said in the earlier video clips that Dario could only speak a few words of English, and at that point all we heard was him yelling “Carne!!”. My reaction was “That’s not English.”

I’m not sad about that chef going home. I found the person came across kind of arrogant at times.

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I thought the same thing!!! And I said it to the tv!


I thought the carne schtick was obnoxious.


I grew quite fond of the chef that was eliminated. I thought his assholicness diminished quite starkly over the episodes.

But XANTAHM GUM? Dude, what were you thinking? Trying to make up for the top falling off the oil bottle as you poured it in?