Top Chef Episodes you don't want to see

I’m desperate, and started with season 1 and Katie Lee!

Sad, I know. I can’t get enough, so I’m always rewatching, but some really bother me.

I hate the one with the Marcel Head shaving. Not that I like Marcel. I just hate bullying. Hard time watching that season.

Also, the reunion one after season one.

I probably want to ask about your favorites. I don’t like thinking about the worst. But sometimes the worst gets more play.

I also hated that episode. Nothing else really comes to mind, except things from episodes, like Casey telling Carla to sous vide during the final and Carla listening. I also hated Richard seizing up in the final of his season. Oh, wait, I also hated all of the Texas season where they kept ganging up on the Asian chef. And some of the challenges were just plain dumb that season!

I love the one in season 8 all stars (I think 8) when Antonia and Mike find out they are cousins. I also can’t get enough Top Chef.

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I hated one of the finale episodes (Texas) where they had to do a biathalon by cross country ski somewhere in Canada, chipping ingredients out of a block of ice before creating a dish.


I think that finale episode wins the all-time Top Chef Razzie. Texas was a bad season all around. I also hated the Pee-Wee Herman inspired bicycling to the Alamo challenge (all the more sad since I LOVE Pee-Wee Herman).


The Biggest Beef On ‘Top Chef’ Had Nothing To Do With Food, Just Ask Marcel

Yes, Linda. That is the one I was trying to think of. And ratgirlagogo - the bicycle one too! That whole season should have been put on the cutting room floor!


Ugh, I can’t remember the season but the one where they made them cook the challenge right before the finale in the same way the Mayan’s did. No tools and over open flame, something stupid like that. I just get annoyed with these.

Also, last night’s episode is not something I want to see again. It was a complete shitshow and I felt tense the entire time.

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LOL - that was the exact episode I was going to post (pat myself on back for reading thread before posting)


heh, yes. that was the worst.