‘Top Chef’ alum Howard ‘Howie’ Kleinberg

Pretty young. I thought he was memorable. Wikipedia says he won a few times.


This is probably going to come across horrible, but I have a hard time placing the cheftestants by name or season. Is this the excessively sweaty chef, who often had beads of sweat rolling off his forehead?

Regardless, sad to see someone go so young, especially a talented chef.


Very sad.
He was on back in the days when I enjoyed Top Chef, so I do remember him from the show.

So tragic, these early heart attacks. We had 2 in my extended family this past year, one survived, the other didn’t. Not to digress, but the one who survived was initially misdiagnosed as “not a heart attack” - yup, you guessed it, a woman.


Nah. Not horrible. I thought better to not remember than to remember for something bad.

Just remembered why I remember him! He was the one that quoted Anthony Bourdain to Anthony Bourdain about line cooks from Ecuador!


I’m back

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Read that, so young, RIP.


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