Top Chef: A question and a request

You can create your own notification settings in your profile, and at the bottom of each thread individually, too.

Yeah, sounds like a death knell for TC. :frowning:

I also read something about a golf course challenge. And is t Grayson from the worst season - Texas?

I’ve tried that, and it’s set for “Tracking” on this thread. And yet there wasn’t any notification from FormIsContent’s post on down to mine. :-/

Maybe it is karma for constantly reminding us that you’re retired from your awesome TC recaps :wink:


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, she was from the worst season ever, but I kinda’ liked her anyway.

I’m afraid, however, that Texas won’t remain the worst season ever. Maybe that’s why Bravo is burying this season in the holidays?

I liked Grayson, and mostly remember her for somewhat standing up for Beverley Kim when Sarah and that other cook were bullying her.

@LindaWhit the “tracking” option only alerts you if you are directly involved in a reply or mentioned. “Watching” will notify you of every comment in the topic.

I just realized I haven’t seen Firegoat migrate over here.

You are right. She was one of the better personalities that season.

Thanks. Will change. But interestingly, I got the notifications of this post, and wincountrygirl’s immediately below yours…but I hadn’t changed it from “Tracking” to “Watching”.

I’ll assume a software glitch.

It’s coming. Premiere date is December 2

Burying it in the holiday season doesn’t seem like a good omen. I’ll probably DVR and watch whenever I get around to it.