Top 50 all-time Trader Joe's products

Just found this in my inbox and thought it would be of interest.

Wow, lots of surprises on that list for me

I take issue with the title “These Are the 50 Most Popular Trader Joe’s Products of All Time” because they just recently asked customers and staffers their favorite items. So really, this list is the 50 most popular TJ products AT THIS TIME"

Some of those products listed are relatively new. I bet there are some discontinued items that would have made an “all time” list. Remember how everyone went crazy for the Speculoos Cookie Butter? Where is that on the list?

The lists looks like summer:
Refrigerated Products
Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs—$3.99/lb
Spatchcocked Lemon Rosemary Chicken—$3.99/lb
Carne Asada—$8.49/lb
Fresh Bruschetta Sauce—$2.99
Mediterranean Hummus—$2.39
Mozzarella & Tomato Salad

I bet in two months the list will be all Pumpkin Spice. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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I agree, a ton of the items listed are really new so this certainly isn’t an “all time” compilation. And sorry but the purple maize flakes cereal don’t belong on any best of list. For that matter neither does the pita bread.
(Where is the frozen naan? Or any of the hummus? Or soyaki marinade? Or sesame cashews…? Definitely not a best of all time compilation )

What’s a priduct?

A “priduct” is a typo… of course. But I’m sure you knew that. :roll_eyes:


WHERE ARE THE GREEN CHILE CHEESE TAMALES???!!! aka the ONLY thing I do actually crave from TJ’s and the only thing I always buy there on my rare visits. BTW they have been in the top ten of every other list I’ve ever seen of the most popular TJ’s products.

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Typo corrected in the title.


Curious as to how you are able to change something I don’t think I could change in a topic I started.

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Thank you.

It’s called being a moderator.

But they said it on the Internet so it has to be true.

Me too.

Is it possible TJ’s paid for the article ?

Haha, i have never had those (cheese issue) but they’re also missing any of the various extensive mac and cheese versions they sell. I know the frozen diner style one is crazy popular.
And the broccoli slaw??? Ummm no. Worst version of broccoli slaw ever in the history of ever. Hey don’t peel the stalks before shredding so those tough fiberous shards stab your mouth raw and when cooked they never actually soften. Just too bizarre they haven’t fixed that yet!

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You have 1 hour to change, after you need to ask the moderators.

I’m aware of he hour. The question, then, is are you a moderator? I assume the answer is yes.

Please see this about the HO Collective, which I still think should be considered illegal everywhere but Nevada:

I recall something about that. Perhaps it would avoid issues if people with administrative functions were so identified in some way as such in their icon or otherwise. I appreciate their efforts, and don’t want to label them unnecessarily, but think users might appreciate knowing.

This list is just odd especially with the inclusion of relatively new items

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HO mods have red onion stamped on their icon. They are listed on the About page:

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