Top 100 CT Restaurants

Not sure I agree with this list. Bailey’s Backyard is not what it used to be and Luc’s? Wow, can’t imagine that one. But here it is. @Louuuuu - what do you thing? La Zingarra is on the list too, which used to be good, then not so much. Wondering if that has come back.

Gwenn, I think Luc’s is the most overrated restaurant in CT, with a patronizing FOH. Haven’t been back to Baileys since Forrest left.

Tavern at GrayBarns should have made the list.

Agreed. Have you heard anything about La Zingarra in Bethel?

Went to Zing for an event and was impressed with the food, the ambiance and the service. Bethel flies beneath the radar, don’t you think. The local film theater has the best movie food in the state and outstanding, fresh buttered pop corn.

We used to love Zing, then it went downhill and was too much of a trek to,chance another mediocre meal. I think we’ll give it another go. Thanks.

I feel that “Top” lists are more intended to provoke discussion than to necessarily reflect the best.

That said, in the opinion of someone from the eastern side of the Atlantic, our meal earlier this year at Zinc was top notch. We liked the room and the atmosphere. And the food was really interesting providing one of us with certainly one of the best starters of the whole year - charred artichokes, beetroot houmous, pickled carrots and radish - a perfectly balanced plate of food. But, that aside, desserts were unusually the best course. Really good evening

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