Top 10 lists of "what to eat in xxxxx" are usually awful, but this one from Tuscany I agree with

There are more than 10 fascinating and unique foods to eat in Tuscany, but this list identifies some of the genuine high spots of Tuscan eating that are not so well known and deserve to be known better. The only problem is you’d be driving quite a bit to sample all of them – Tuscany is a big region – and need to be there pretty much through all 4 seasons to sample them at their best, but there are traditional foods here worth knowing about if you ever plan to go to Tuscany (or return)

(I noticed the editors forgot to label one of the slides. The cannoli-crepe-like dish is necci, a chestnut pancake filled with curd cheese from the mountains near Carrara.)

They forgot to mention how great the Mortadella is .

Mortadella is a specialty of Bologna, which is in the Emilia-Romanga, not Tuscany.

Yes, but not what Italians (or I!) think of when talk turns to mortadella or where they would tell you go to try it – but valid for sure as a lesser-knownTuscan specialty worth tracking down (although I think if the article had mentioned it, then it would have need to mention the mortadella of Bologna by way of explanation.) Interesting it includes alchermes liquor. There is also a mortadella made in the Veneto (notable for no pistachios), one from Puglia made from donkey meat, and one from Lombardia/Ticino made from liver:

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr