Too much liquorice

There’s such a thing as eating too much liquorice. He ate more than a bag a day. Good god.

Liquorice is an extremely popular snack in Netherlands and Finland.


I too adore salty black type. I even have a paste version I spread on toast. Doc said you must have specific health issues to truly hurt yourself eating it.

Wow, who knew!!?? My mom loves black licorice, and whenever I saw it, I’d buy her some. It was never a huge amount, and since she loved it so much, she tells me she would “ration” herself so it lasts longer. Now I’m going to have to rethink that whole thing, since she is 89 with heart issues!

Those are all kidney problems. Black licorice is not on any of my forbidden lists that I remember. Noted!

Often in the US, licorice is flavored with anise and does not contain licorice.

The dude that just died, which is causing these stories to pop up, is in MA so somewhere in the US they are still making licorice with actual licorice!

The death is a tragedy and I feel awful for this guy’s family and friends. But as someone who has absolutely hated licorice and all licorice tasting things, I appreciate a real validation for why licorice remains the WORST food ever. (yes, my opinion…insert appropriate disclaimer).

I won’t hold licorice appreciation against anyone, but ugh…don’t try to sneak licorice taste in anything you serve me. I need to wear that warning sign.

EDIT: This was not written by me, but could have been. Just some fun for those who look at us licorice haters oddly.


Amazing!! I heard about this on the radio today. A guy eats a bag of candy a day (do they say for how long?) and dies. Yet I’m 50 and have been drinking like a fish for 30+ years and am doing just
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Apparently “every day for several weeks” according to reports from multiple sites.

I used to eat liquorice once in a while but found it addictive so I just stopped cold turkey.

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My mother used to love black licorice and I used to as well, but like you I find it addictive and stay away unless we go to the movies etc. Then it’s either black licorice of rainenettes.

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…and even when American licorice does contain the real thing, it’s usually in small amounts. But it’s possible that what he was eating was either the Nordic/Dutch style with ammonium chloride added (and it was too much ammonium chloride that harmed him, not licorice), or the Italian style, which contains much more actual licorice root and can rapidly increase blood pressure.

If she’s eating American style licorice, it’s no worse for her than any other candy. American licorice is basically flour, molasses, and anise flavor. If her licorice is the Italian style that looks like tiny hard pebbles, then an 89 year old with heart issues probably shouldn’t be eating much of it, if at all.