Tony Luke's opening in Houston

Wow. What an awful experience.

Sorry I “volunteered” you and wifecita for Guinea pig duty!

Is this a franchise or company run? Maybe they fly the meat in from Philly.

Yeouch! So the middling reviews on Yelp were being generous? So much for Tony Luke’s, I guess. Sure sounds like franchiseland to me.

TIme for a get-together at Pappa Geno’s?

I thought that might be the case after seeing that picture I posted ^^^. It does not even look appetizing.

I need to go and burn that bad cheesesteak memory out of my mind.

Doobs, I’m gonna have to rough 'em up on Trip Advisor after I give Papa Geno’s a five star. Reviews take a few days to publish if anyone wants to check it out.

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We went to Papa Geno’s today to wash away the bad memories of Tony Luke’s. We split one with provolone and one with cheese whiz. Delicious with some leftovers.

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I wanted a cheesesteak and checked on YELP for Pappa Geno’s hours in Bellaire — it’s closed! Oh NOOOOOO. I drove by anyway - papered over windows and workmen going in and out so something else already in the works?

According to Yelp there’s now a location on Eldridge Parkway (@ W. Little York) and way out on the Katy Fwy @ Fry. The website still lists the Bellaire location and the Edridge but not the Katy location.

Fie! Chicago Italian Beef and New Orleans Roast Beef Po-boy with gravy and debris are better sandwiches, anyway.

They’ve been constructing one in the strip center near tony luke. I’ll be at MY HEB on Friday and check on it.

That ought to end Tony Luke’s.[quote=“brucesw, post:18, topic:6937”]
New Orleans Roast Beef Po-boy

Where is your favorite Brucesw?

I’m not Bruce, but BB’s Cafe makes a a pretty good roast beef debris poboy.


Best I’ve had was several years ago at what was then called Calliope on Jefferson just east of 59/69, now known as The Cajun Stop. They get the bread right better than any other place in town but I was there about 9 months ago and had gumbo and a shrimp po-boy and was very disappointed in both…

But I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t some more upscale places that do a good job, I just don’t happen to frequent any of them :wink:.

On a related note: NOLA Po-boys.

Okay, okay, okay, it’s a chain. And the last chain import from NOLA I tried, Reginelli’s pizza, was a disappointment. But I’m gonna give 'em a try, partly just because it’s relatively close to me.

The Pappa Geno’s in the MY HEB shopping center on Bunker Hill and I-10 is open.

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I assume if you had been yet, we might have gotten TWO sentences about it?!?

Aren’t you off Mondays? Wanna meet for lunch? Jaymes? Lambsy?

Here’s a LINK, but they don’t even show that location yet.

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Nope off on Tuesday and Sunday. Now, with the Wifeacita not eating meat for Lent on Wednesday and Friday I could see her caving on her vow to only eat at the original on Ella.

We/she shop at OUR HEB on Sunday but the new one is not on the website and the Ella location is closed on Sunday so it may not be an option.

An aside about Lent. I mentioned to the young Jewish fella at work that we went to the Polish Church fish fry for Lent. Ben, not a fish eater, peered closer to me and asked if Lent was some kind of especially good fish. I had to 'splain Lent to the young fella. Ben is priceless.

A thought just burst into my mind. I can grab one after work as I don’t do lunch and work just across the street.

There Doobs, more than TWO sentences AND TWO paragraphs. I’ll try and report back this week.


NOLA?? How dare they. My work is walking distance from that so called place. Don’t do it !!


I actually wound up going for lunch today. We found ourselves going to Costco, (me for mayonnaise), and talked my crew into popping in there.

OBD had an Original, or something like that. He didn’t care for it. Oh, he ate it all right. But he was underwhelmed.

I got the Spicy one with giardiniera and I thought it was pretty good. I’ll do it again sometime. Definitely the next time the Munchkin is in town.

HE’LL love it.


I’m always willing, even for this cuisine with which I am unfamiliar. I may need a guide. They only one I’ve had was at Tex-A-Delphia and one at Reading Market in Philly that I found really bland.

Me, too. Always willing. Let me know when & where. Prob can make it.

We usually split a number one and two and eat one half of each. They’re both good. Here’s a Yelp link as the website menu won’t download.