Tony Luke's opening in Houston

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I totally missed any advance notice of this. Pappa Geno’s has been my go to for cheesesteaks (always telling them to omit the mayo, which has no business on a cheesesteak).

But I’ll be looking forward to this and to the roast pork sandwich which I’ve heard a lot about.

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Hey JCOstiones, this appears to be right in front of your HEB. Looking forward to your report.

Alright! I’ll just wait until the next time HEB puts shrimp on special to go to Tony Luke’s.

This is awesome! Finally something new on the west side. I’ve heard the Chinese buffet over there near Specs and Burger Shack called Hunan Chef I think, is best in town too. Or so someone raved recently.

I went to that Hunan Chef once. I’m not an expert on Chinese buffets but I’d go back. It’s got a huge variety. Tip: take a couple of minutes to walk around and see all that’s available before you start filling your plate. I didn’t and I regretted it when I saw some of the things others at my table were having and then decided to stroll thru the whole place.

Very friendly staff and very reasonable.

We’ll try it out once the grand opening jitters shake out. I saw the article about it and the wifeacita at first wanted to go but it was Friday the 21st the opening day so we vetoed it and went to Papa Geno’ which was delicious, como siempre.


Eric Sandler, on the job. I wonder if they’d take out the peppers. And what kinda cheese is on this one.

Reviews on Yelp are middling. I still want to try it, though.

The wifeacita and I will take one for the team, just not sure when. We ate Papa Geno’s last week so we’ve had our cheesesteak fix.

Tony’s Luke’s must be as good or better or we will gladly take the longer drive to the almost Heights.

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After being totally stressed by such a stressful Sunday shopping at MY HEB the Wifeacita and I grabbed a sandwich from Tony Luke’s.

It is “sandwiched”, get it, “sandwiched”, “sandwiched”, between Five Guys and the insanely overpriced Marble Slab.

Now for the food and pardon the shouting. INEDIBLE!!! The bread was fine but the meat was tough, stringy, and downright old. Thankfully we only ordered one sandwich to go. I was very close to pulling a Gordon Ramsey and hurling into the toilet, that bad. Only a drink of water saved me that fate. Neither of us could finish our half sandwich and they were chunked in the trash.

Now, we took one for the team like I promised so I want you people to take up a collection and give back our nine dollars and change since we saved all of you from a traumatic experience.

The next and all cheesesteaks will be at Papa Geno’s.

P.S. The Wifeacita just sat down and said it was horrible in so many ways.

By the way, while she stresses shopping, I chill out reading my book in the lounge area which is “Sea Of Thunder”, a great read about the naval war in the WWII Pacific from both the US and Japanese sides.

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Wow. What an awful experience.

Sorry I “volunteered” you and wifecita for Guinea pig duty!

Is this a franchise or company run? Maybe they fly the meat in from Philly.

Yeouch! So the middling reviews on Yelp were being generous? So much for Tony Luke’s, I guess. Sure sounds like franchiseland to me.

TIme for a get-together at Pappa Geno’s?

I thought that might be the case after seeing that picture I posted ^^^. It does not even look appetizing.

I need to go and burn that bad cheesesteak memory out of my mind.

Doobs, I’m gonna have to rough 'em up on Trip Advisor after I give Papa Geno’s a five star. Reviews take a few days to publish if anyone wants to check it out.

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We went to Papa Geno’s today to wash away the bad memories of Tony Luke’s. We split one with provolone and one with cheese whiz. Delicious with some leftovers.

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I wanted a cheesesteak and checked on YELP for Pappa Geno’s hours in Bellaire — it’s closed! Oh NOOOOOO. I drove by anyway - papered over windows and workmen going in and out so something else already in the works?

According to Yelp there’s now a location on Eldridge Parkway (@ W. Little York) and way out on the Katy Fwy @ Fry. The website still lists the Bellaire location and the Edridge but not the Katy location.

Fie! Chicago Italian Beef and New Orleans Roast Beef Po-boy with gravy and debris are better sandwiches, anyway.

They’ve been constructing one in the strip center near tony luke. I’ll be at MY HEB on Friday and check on it.

That ought to end Tony Luke’s.[quote=“brucesw, post:18, topic:6937”]
New Orleans Roast Beef Po-boy

Where is your favorite Brucesw?