Tony Boloney's [Hoboken and AC]

Has anyone ever been to Tony Baloney’s? There’s one in Atlantic City and one in Hoboken. Reading the menu there’s a ton of stuff I am interested in trying… pizza, sandwiches, fries, etc. here’s a sample:

Their carnivore pizza has 10 meats on it. There’s about 10 pies with a non-red sauce… ie: white pie, indian tikka masala, thai, etc. Oh and jumbo chicken wings in about 10 flavors, one of them Indian Tikka Masala. Never saw that before.

About 15 kinds of fries on the menu.

Cheesesteaks? They make their own whiz in house and also a white whiz. Pickled Jalapeno Crema? Garlic Bread? Yes please.

The parm sandwich sounds great also salted ricotta, fresh basil, pecorino. Your choice chicken, eggplant, meatballs, or sausage. Vodka or marinara sauce. Fresh mutz or smoked.

I’m going to end up combining stuff off multiple sandwiches into one I can tell. I’m also going to end up ordering more than I can eat and taking some home, because they’re far away from me so I want to try a lot.