Tony Boloney's coming to long branch nj


I have never tried this place. Has anyone been here? The menu is ridiculous!

(David) #2

Great scoop @corvette_johnny

Of all the possible locations here they had to pick the worst one.


Did you see their wing selection? Impressive

Am I reading that right? The Nashville hot chicken pizza is 90 bucks?

(David) #4

You can always get a single slice for $10

On second thought they should fit right in at the rip off capitol of the Jersey Shore :grin:

(Steve Kutlin) #5

I have zero interest in his menu.
Sounds perfect for Pier Village :face_vomiting:

(Junior) #6

Well that was a fun read!

(Mr met) #7

I don’t get what they’re trying to achieve there. It’s not some college town burger joint. It’s so gimmicky it turns me off before I even try the place.


I’m not saying this place will be great but let’s looK at stats, “gimmicky” or not.

598 reviews with a 4.3 rating on google.
4.5 out of 5 on delivery. com with 1303 reviews
3.5 on yelp out of 475 reviews

Most restaurants die far before a year around here. Over under is 1 year.

I’ll give you 2:1 odds this place lasts more than a year :wink:

Anyone care to bet? Lol.

This won’t be some lame Italian joint. If people like guy and action Bronson are eating here, I predict it will be a success. Again, I’m not saying this will be the best food around, but it should be profitable, even with the long branch beach front tax.


Taco Pizza. WHY??!!

(Mr met) #10

I don’t disagree that It will prob do well- but I won’t be heading there with the fam, the menu verbiage alone solves that for me. Wonder if LB is the best spot for the, esp Pier Village…It just seems like it’s so over the top for no reason. I get that’s the hook, but they could achieve the same with 1/3 less schtick in my opinion.

(Steve Kutlin) #11

I agree it will become “destination eating”
Mine is L& B ( Spumoni Gardens) Pizza only😎

(Miss_belle) #12

If you like tacos, Taco pizza made right is actually quite good. Crust topped with taco meat and cheese. Baked. Then topped with lettuce and dollaped with sour cream…Chopped tomato, jalapeños optional. And guacamole on the side.

But this thing just looks silly to me. A bunch of tacos on a pizza crust…

(hcentro) #13

If you have Fios they were on Restaurant Hunter. It was a show about NJ chains. I really wasn’t paying much attention but remember they showed them making a Japanese Pizza.

(Roland) #14

It comes on tonight as well