Tons of parsley, what to do?

My favorite restaurant love the herbs crisp trick! it’s an additional plus as a garnish!

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I made quinoa tabbouleh today… It fits into my diet. I have lost 45# so far.

Here in TUlsa, most of the old line restaurants make their tabbouleh with mostly parsley and very little of anything else.

And this reminds me, the middle of the month is St Antony’s Hafli dinner. It is like going to my Lebanese grandma’s house for dinner if I had one. Love this meal every year.


I was given 4 very large bunches of Italian parsley. Per a web site I found I washed, pulled off the leaves, put on a large Ziploc bag, stuffed them into the bottom and rolled up the bag to form a log. Nice to be able to cut off a bit in a pinch.

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Or chop and freeze in ice cube trays.

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The other day, I saw this gadget Lékué herbstick, was wondering to buy or not…

That would work too. It does beat my plastic zippy in the looks department. Ice cube trays are the best for smaller quantities or portions. I’ve gotten miles out of my covered tray.

Tabouli, kufta, parsley onion lemon salad. Wash, chop, dri in paper towels and it freezes nicely for later which is what I will do with my garden parsley b
Barley makes a great hearty tabouli as well.

Me too. Originally purchased for baby food, I have used my four covered trays for everything from freezing bell peppers to lemon juice to herbs. Makes it easy to grab “fresh herb flavor”.

Don’t forget to save the parsley stems to add to your soup pot when making chicken broth. I have two bags in my freezer, one for chicken bones and one for vegetable scraps. When full, I make chicken broth! I reduce it down twice, with no salt, so that when I need to add broth to a recipe I thaw out stock add a bit of water to get it back up to regular strength and use it that way. I love adding parsley to my broth with the vegetables.

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Topically drifting, does chopped cilantro freeze as well (and retain its flavor after one thaws it)? If I want a couple of tablespoons, I have to buy a whole bunch and see most of it go bad, but the dried stuff has no flavor at all.

In winter, I sometimes buy frozen cilantro when I couldn’t find the fresh one. I found that the taste is a bit lost (but still better than basil. Parsley, dill and estragon freeze better though). I find that cilantro essential oil is a slightly better bet.