Tongue and brisket- Leather Lane [London]

Popped in this week before a lecture at Gresham College. Decided on the tongue sandwich rather than the salt beef as it looked quite good but not enough fat for me. Also tongue sandwiches are harder to find.

Good thickly sliced rye bread with a nice chew. Good amount of meltingly tender tongue , pickled cucumber and mustard were good. Yes it’s only a sandwich but a very good one. The gefilte fish balls looked very good and will try next time.It also has the benefit of being near the Craft Beer Company,also on Leather Lane.I tried the Dark Star American Brown Ale after the lecture and it was really rich and malty, though one was enough.

That sounds good! One of my favorite foods in NYC years ago was the sweet and sour tongue served at the Madison Deli (which is no more). I haven’t had a tongue sandwich in years. Is Chancery Lane the closest Tube stop?

Yes Chancery Lane is the closest. It’s a couple of minutes walk.

No excuse, June. Marks & Spencer sell good tongue - both pork and ox. Make your own. Lots of English mustard!

The first thing I do when I get back to London is go to M and S and buy a couple packs of their sliced tongue, stand in the street and eat them immediately. Wish I could get such perfectly salted and sliced tongue in the USA.

Back to Leather Lane, who remembers The Nosherie?

John, I really will have to look more closely when next at M&S. I never spotted tongue, but then again we don’t buy that sort of thing very often. Recently, I bought some kosher salami at a Waitrose in London. I didn’t much like it.

Thanks for the tip.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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