Tone of the forum- we want this to be a friendly and civil place

Recently there has been an increase in posts whose nature aren’t exactly friendly- most don’t rise to the level of personal attacks, harassment, offensive language, hate speech, etc. that require immediate post removal, but more along the lines of persistent sarcasm, passive aggressiveness, snide/ derogatory/ mocking comments. These type of posts nonetheless, if left unchecked, create just as much of an unwelcoming environment for discussions and knowledge exchange.

With any discussions, folks can and will disagree. There is no issue with that. Please discuss your disagreements in a respectful manner, but leave the other person alone. A lot of us are here because we love food, or here for a quick respite from the daily grinds of life, not because we love to be sneered at. We want this place to be safe place to exchange knowledge, not a judgmental place where people hesitate to comment because they feel risky to make comments because of potential responses.

Please note that the forum rules cover ‘persistent sarcasm, passive aggressiveness, etc’. Please see them here:

If you feel that there is a gap between the tone of this forum versus your desired tone, you can and should explore other food forums that may suit your needs better. I’d note also that this place will be kept civil and friendly for one additional reason- there is no desire to overload moderation resources, no matter how scarce or abundant they are, because of actions of a few.

Thanks, and please enjoy the forum!


Sampson, well said. Obviously there is a reason why Chow (and other sites) have found the need to ban certain people. I truly fail to see the need for the snippyness but sadly I have witnessed here first hand, good job addressing it. Continued good luck and success with the site.

Not Jr


I am a regular reader of the forum but I seldom post. If I don’t have something useful to say, why say it? When I have something to say that contradicts another member, I consider it 10 times, and then usually do not post it. I have no desire to insult anyone.

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