Tone-deaf joking backfires on Ming Tsai

Ming has long been at the forefront of Massachusetts chefs donating their talents to worthy causes. But he’ll need a more genuine expression of regret, and a commitment to better future behavior, to reclaim a good public image.


Off with his head!

Who said that? Aside from you?

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Clumsy. Cringe. How old is he?

Late 50’s. Wiki says 58. Made me cringe, too, when I read it. I’ve been watching his shows for years - he’s from my neck of the woods.

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Yikes. Although - unless one is senile - I’m not sure at which age this would be excusable in 2023 :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately, there are a lot of echo chambers where - regardless of the speaker’s age - this nonsense gets bandied about with impunity.


Wow, that seems like one of those things you say that immediately bites you in the arse, and rightfully so. But having said stuff I’d like to suck back into my lungs, I’ll give him a one time pass, because he’s never really been like that at least as far as I know.

I agree that he hasn’t previously shown a sleazy side. However, his response smacks of insincerity so I am on the fence, and no longer making a point of looking (in vain, thus far) for Ming’s Bings to include in a grocery delivery order.