Tommy's (Sea Bright)

Can’t believe there was no thread for them already, at least not that I could find.

I had never been there before tonight. For some reason I’ve avoided them for the same reasons I don’t care to give MJ’s or any McCloone’s another try. Perhaps my mindset was unfounded because Tommy’s was very good.

We were there to wrap up Justin’s birthday “weekend” and wanted something new and different. The pizza was great, better than most pizzerias around here. I had a personal with chicken, vodka sauce, and basil while mom had one with prosciutto and arugula. Neither of us finished. Justin ordered a pork Katsu sandwich from the specials menu and loved it. For appetizers, we shared an awesome General Tso’s Cauliflower and a jumbo pretzel. Great atmosphere inside and was very busy for a Monday (you’d think it was a Friday or Saturday. We waited 20 mins for a table at 7:30). Would definitely return.


We’ve been there for half-priced sushi night (was a Monday) and that’s why we don’t go back. I have trouble with places that serve sushi and pizza under the same roof. I could be wrong, but trying to be all things to all people is more of a Walmart credo vs. a restaurant. But clearly they aren’t missing my business. There’ll be as many Tommy’s as Walmarts in NJ before long. Glad you enjoyed!


I get skived out about half price sushi.

My favorite thing at Tommy’s is their grilled wings. They are SO good.


I’ve not been there for 1/2 price sushi, but their sushi is very good. They accommodate my need for brown rice sushi. I also normally skive places that have sushi and pizza under same roof, but their diverse menu makes ordering delivery for a group very easy. And they always get the order right! Most importantly, everyone loves what they ordered. Husband loves the grilled wings. I love the eggplant caprese artisan flatbread.


That pizza looks bomb🙏🏻


One of the reasons why I avoided it for so long. Like pizzerias that push Mexican food and various other non-pizzeria food items. Big turn off. Totally understand. However what I saw last might, the sheer volume of both (and again, for a Monday) would make me trust it.

@gracieggg they serve so much that I don’t think you should worry about half off sushi.