Tomatoes in the Boston area

I’m craving some caprese salad and tomato-basil bruschetta and impatient for the tomatoes in my Earthboxes to ripen. In years past, it seemed that local farmstands had decent New Jersey tomatoes for several weeks before the native fruit appeared. All I can find at Wilson Farm in Lexington are hydroponic Backyard Farm tomatoes, and they are pretty meh. Has anyone seen decent tomatoes in the area?

I saw some local tomatoes on Sunday at the Boston Public Market and also on Saturday at Kimball Farm’s stand at the Union Square farmers market, but I didn’t buy because they were $5.50 or $6 a pound. I got some cherry tomatoes from Kimball a few weeks ago and they were good.

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I was hard pressed to find some good tomatoes for my gazpacho recently too. I miss having closer farmer markets, and they were usually my stand by. I ended up picking up a few organic varieties at the Marketplace in East Milton Square and it came out decent. I haven’t stopped by Wegmans in a while, but they sometimes have a nice organic or local farm selection of veggies, including tomatoes. Maybe give them a try?