Tomato skins... who knew?

Mmmmmmmbut pink matter bouillon sounds so appetizing!


See, that’s the thing for me: I have never had leftover tomato skins, so I would have to do something with the pulp and jelly to get the skins, and that process seems daunting to me. I do have a food mill, but have never used it on tomatoes. I wonder if putting them through the mill would leave me with usable skins…?

I’ve never had a food mill but have seen them on cooking shows etc. I think it might just piece up the skins and pass them through, but I don’t know for sure.

Grab it and 1 tomato for a test? You can always have a Bloody Mary if it doesn’t work out. Or even if it does…

It’s always 5 O’clock somewhere.

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Skins stay behind in the mill I have, something like this;

… but I’m usually peeling a few pounds of fairly symmetrical paste tomatoes at a time by hand. I’ve been using the powder sort of like I use paste; a little more tomato in something that already has tomato flavor, like chili.

I usually use the peeled paste tomatoes for my very favorite spicy tomato sambal.


Oh, good; thank you for the info. Hey @ricepad.

Edit - time to go fishing. The solunar tables claim fish bite activity will be high in about an hour. Y’all wish me luck, please.


Not one bite in 2 hours. So much for fishing tables. Astrology, I guess.


There’s a fine line between fishing and sitting on the bank like an idiot!


Yep. But that’s why I take a book. If the fish are biting and someone asks me what’s going on, I say

  • I’m fishing!

If they’re not biting and someone asks me what’s going on, I say

  • I’m really enjoying this book.

In all seriousness, I’m mostly fishing for channel cat, which basically hook themselves. The ultimate lazy fisherman’s fish. So I really do just sit there and read until a channel cat hooks himself.

Edit -

This guy was about 5 pounds and yielded almost 3 pounds of meat (I’m kind of fanatical about cleaning, and make sure to save all the belly meat and cheek meat).

Most of what I’ve been pulling have been 2.5-4 pounds channel cat. This lake has very large blue and flathead cat about 10 miles up (North of me, that is) near some of the creek inlets, 40-60 pounds some guys brag, but those aren’t very good for eating IMO.

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