Tomato paste as a condiment

I was making a grilled cheese sandwich and would have include sliced tomato. But I had none, nor did I want to open a large can of tomatoes just to fish out a few pieces. I spotted the opened tube of tomato paste in the refrigerator…what the heck? A thin schmear of paste on the bread before the cheese layer made a nice change. Strong tomato hit without the cloying sweetness of ketchup. I will try to remember it with cold cuts, roast beef, and chicken sandwiches.


I’ve done that with grilled cheese as well. I like to toast bread, smear on some tomato paste, a thin slice of sweet onion, then extra sharp cheddar and broil for open face grilled cheese. Also good in soups, gravies, sauces, etc. Just a spoonful or so for an umami hit, with a bit of tomato fruity tang.


Absolutely. We swirl a dallop of tomato paste in many soups just at the point of serving. Adds a nice kick to marinades and salad dressings and recently out of curiosity I added a touch to my Bloody Mary mix and it kicked up the drink that tends to get watered down.

My personal favorite way to use up the bits left in the can is to mix a bit of mayo together with the paste and smear that on a toasted bialy topped with a fresh tomato slice.